Wednesday, October 18, 2017
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Myth busting video on Zakir Naik Controversy from Tajalli Production

Televangelist Dr Zakir Naik | File Photo

Islamic preacher Zakir Naik was in news for all the wrong reasons for over a week in national media, following a Daily Star news report allegedly referring a terrorist who was involved in recent Dhaka attack as a fan of the preacher. Finding it a suitable opportunity, many major media outlets in India vent their anger against popular Muslim figure Dr. …

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Justice Katju speaks up on secularism and communalism in India

Justice Markandey Katju addressing advocates at an event

Today the truth is that most Hindus in India are communal, and so are most Muslims. Why is that so? There are two main reasons for the lack of growth of genuine secularism among the masses in India: 1. Secularism is mainly a product of industrialization, and because industrialization in India has been weak and only partial, the industrial culture …

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A whopping 69 million children under five may die of preventable causes: UNICEF

Children - 69 million will die from preventable causes and 167 million live in poverty by 2030

Based on current trends, 69 million children under five will die from mostly preventable causes, 167 million children will live in poverty, and 750 million women will have been married as children by 2030 – the target date for the Sustainable Development Goals – unless the world focuses more on the plight of its most disadvantaged children, according to a …

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Art of Giving: Charity is a Solution for World Poverty

A Syrian refugee family from Aleppo in Istanbul, Turkey

All religions of the world encourage their followers to give away something or other in charity for the sake of poor. Unfortunately, this is not taken as seriously as it should have been because of misconceptions attached to the act. The saying that there is never enough for ones needs remains a major obstacle. Mahatma Gandhi’s thought on the matter …

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