Wednesday, October 18, 2017
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Ramadan Fasting Brings Togetherness and Discipline in Life

Iftar, a set of items from fruits to Dahi wada and Haleem, is served for breaking fast during Ramadan

As we are all aware, Ramadan fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam – which is obligatory on the rich and poor alike – unlike the rich-centric charity and Hajj. Quite contrary to the beliefs widely held in the society that it is a month of fasting during the daytime and feasting at night, Ramadan Kareem is a …

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Modi Govt. – A Failure on All Fronts: Justice Katju

BJP leader and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

After 2 years of its rule, the time has come to now boldly and clearly speak out the truth about Mr. Modi and his government.. I accuse the present BJP Govt. of failure on every front, and of resorting to fraudulent manipulation of facts and figures and ‘jumlas’ to cover up its failures, and of stoking the communal fires in …

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Psychological Effects of Fasting

Fasting boosts production of nemotrophic-factors protein that improves brain functioning.

Traditionally fasting is associated with religious observance as followers of the world’s major religions practice some form of fasting. Medical research on fasting has shown benefits in areas of obesity, cancer, lupus, skin conditions, allergies, addictions, blood pressure, etc. There is now also increasing research on psychological benefits of fasting. Let’s first look at how fasting affects human body and …

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Haleem: Tracing roots in Hyderabad, trying taste in Ramadan

Haleem has become a popular dish in Ramadan, Hyderabad

Sriram Karri for When Aurangzeb undertook the conquest of the Deccan, while his army was busy conquering the lands and subduing the Qutb Shahis, it was a customised Arab dish that travelled out from the cantonments, won the hearts of the people of Hyderabad and lived on a living legacy. It was called Harisah, Harissa or Harees. Even today …

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Anaadha Vidyarthi Griha: Orphanage in City that Nurtures Social Entrepreneurship

Anaadha Vidyarthi Griha, an orphanage in Hyderabad

Anaadha Vidyarthi Griha, an orphanage in Hyderabad, is operating with a difference as it encourages social entrepreneurship among students. It not only provides shelter, but also gives education to hundreds of needy children. Established in 1919 with few students, the orphanage is now a home for many students studying in various schools and colleges across the city. The orphanage’s has a remarkable approach towards giving training, …

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