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Don’t Mess Up with Hyderabadi ‘Baigan’

Versatile usage of Baigan in Hyderabad

Baigan ka bharta may be famous in southeast Asia for its taste, but Hyderabadi ‘baigan’ is evergreen for its usage. Its green or blue shades never matter so far it kicks off many nouns, verbs, and adjectives in Deccani Urdu. I hope you remember versatile usage of “achcha” in Hindi, …

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Youth Makes His Mouth Trash Bin

Tobacco Kills, Causes Cancer

Last month, a young man walked into my clinic. A frail looking man, appearing much older than his actual age. He was a 27 year old guy with the looks of a distressed 40 year old person. His eyes kept telling me that he has had sleepless nights. His skin …

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Valentine’s Day Adds Value to Relationships?

Mujahid Mughal on Valentine's Day Celebration

Since the Middle Ages, 14 February is the date when couples (both married and unmarried) believed to express some extra-love towards their partner which they perhaps don’t shower rest of the year. So they go to restaurants or elsewhere, exchange flowers and other gifts, apart from doing other things which …

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Our Kohinoor Diamond, Our Pride – Achche Din


Ah! That beautiful diamond. The Kohinoor! This diamond is worth millions of dollars. I’m ain’t funny. Whether you call it Koh-i-Noor (Mountain of Light) or Kohinoor, it can surely brighten lives of millions of poor Indians. If only it’s brought back. As any Indian citizen, I too want to see …

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Fight Smoking in a Celebrity Way


Staff Writer for Hyderabad Youth Mirror # Life is a most precious gift from God. Some people make best use of their lives to achieve fame. While some other people simply waste their lives in a more casual way. Among those who have willfully chosen to die a slow death …

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