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Need for Pluralism in Youth

Hisham Barbhuiya for Hyderabad Youth Mirror #  The youth or naujawan are often referred to as the future of a nation, and ours is not an exception. It is for this reason that we have been instructed right from our childhood days, through our moral science classes as well as …

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After School, Tempting Varsity Calls

Mohammed Fazil Hussain for Hyderabad Youth Mirror # School really does seem like a never-ending abyss to us students, a place where we dwell under the burden of textbooks, exams and stolen pens for over a decade. A place where the day is spent slumping at desks, and the night …

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For Blissful Life: ‘Be Good, Do Good’

Soufia Sadaf for Hyderabad Youth Mirror # Life is full of surprises. Some are shocking and some are pleasant. We never know what will happen next, and surely we are tired of listening to these sentences every now and then! But the fact remains that these sentences are true. The …

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Entrepreneurship, Youth & Nation Building

Abu Sultan for Hyderabad Youth Mirror # The term nation building basically means development of a nation. There are many grounds on which development takes place. It’s a strong perception that youth can take the nation to a height where it is supposed to be. Youth have always been energetic …

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Women and Nation Building

Dr. Thamee Shahid for Hyderabad Youth Mirror # All of us in this world are people who share things, basic needs and wants that define the similarities between us – as humans. We are all expected to perform our duties, deliver and execute, without question. We must ‘blend in’. Work, …

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Youth Spirit: Understanding ‘Youthness’

Hisham Barbhuiya for Hyderabad Youth Mirror # Youth is a period of life every human being looks forward to as a kid. When old, the same individual may lament over the lost period for not having utilized it enough. The stereotypical image of youths indulging in sports, adventure tourism and …

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