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Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao
Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao

CM decides to give Rs. 1,000 monthly pension to Filaria patients

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao has decided to give Rs 1000 pension per month to the patients suffering with lymphatic filariasis (Filaria).

The Chief Minister announced that 47,000 people who are suffering with lymphatic filariasis will be given the pensions from coming financial year and allocation will be made in the budget for the purpose.

He has also decided to offer medical diagnostic tests to the people in the state at the government’s cost with village as a unit as the government believes in the dictum that prevention is better than cure.

He has instructed the officials concerned to prepare an action plan to utilise the services of medical employees and staff at the village level at the optimal level.

The Chief Minister, who has decided to enhance the salaries of the ASHA workers, also announced the enhancement of salaries of the Second ANMs. He suggested that the Telangana State should become role model in the Public Health in the country.

KCR held a review meeting on Medical and Health at Pragati Bhavan here on Friday.

Chief Advisor to Government Rajiv Sharma, Principal Secretaries S Narsing Rao, Shanta Kumari, Medical and Health Director Vakati Karuna, Public Health Director Lalitha Kumari, Special secretary in CMO Rajasekhara Reddy, Mission Bhagiratha Vice Chairman Vemula Prashanth Reddy, Government Whip Palla Rajeswara Reddy, MLA Sanjeev Rao, MLC Karne Prabhakar, Corporation Chairmen Seri Subhash Reddy, Gadari Bala Mallu and others participated.

Recently, Minister Tummala Nageswara Rao and MP K Kavitha represented to the CM that in the constituencies they are representing many people are suffering with filarial and are unable to even walk. They need to be supported by the government, they said.

They wanted the government to take steps to prevent spread of the disease and help to those suffering with filarial. They have also put pressure on the officials concerned. With their initiative there was a momentum in the government.

The Chief Minister held a review meeting on the matter, as there are also people suffering with filaria in his own constituency. In the review meeting it is discussed about the preventive steps to be taken against filarial. In order to help the patients, the CM has decided to give Rs 1000 per month as pension to them.

He has also instructed the officials to arrange for the medicines and treatment to the patients. The CM also instructed the officials, “Assess what is the number of filarial patients in the State. Conduct a comprehensive survey and go to villages and collect the data. All DM&HO’s should conduct an extensive survey the filarial cases.”

Medical diagnostic tests for every village, every one

The CM said in countries like the US everyone goes for diagnostic tests on a regular basis. “Similarly, in Telangana state also people should be educated to go in for the diagnostic tests regularly.

Those having awareness and money will go for the diagnostic tests but for the poor living in the villages and rural areas will visit the hospitals when they are ill and never go for any diagnostic tests. Hence it is becoming difficult to identify the disease in the primary stages.

Early detection will help to cure the disease. But in many cases it is detected when the disease is at the final stage. This should not happen henceforth. The government will conduct the tests for every one in every village on a regular basis. Collect the blood samples and conduct tests for all the diseases.

Design a beautiful health check up scheme. Once the illness is detected treat the patient at the government costs and supply medicines. Money is not a constraint; the government is ready to spend any amount. The government has no other priority item on its agenda other than protecting health of the poor people.

Besides conducting the diagnostic tests, take all measures to prevent spread of the disease and people from acquiring dieses,” the CM said.

“After formation of Telangana state, the Public Health system changed. The government hospitals have also been bettered. The Centre also praised the programmes and schemes launched by the state government. The services rendered by doctors, staff and employees are highly appreciated by all.

Due to the efforts put in by doctors, deaths due to dengue and Malaria have come down. This spirit and initiative should continue. Health and medical care should reach the doorstep of the Poor in the rural areas. They should be extended medical and health care locally.

Several categories of doctors and staff are working in the rural areas. Converge the whole capacity of department of health and take all preventive steps. Prepare an action plan for this. We have increased salaries of ASHA workers and we are ready to increase them again.

Workers will be recognised as Village Health Assistants. We will also increase salaries of the second ANMs. We will utilise their services more fruitful way. We will increase facilities in the PHCs. The aim and objective is to make the Telangana state as number one in Public health in the country.

Make the Telangana state Health system better than the neighbouring Tamil Nadu state. Our future thrust will be through health and education,” the CM said.

KCR Kits not for private hospitals

“KCR Kits has created a tremendous impact and is being implemented successfully. Unnecessary operations have come down. Despite over burden, doctors and staff are extending their services. The doctors’ role is highly appreciated. We will give them incentives.

There are representations with a request to implement KCR Kits to the private hospitals and the government is not in favour of it. We will increase faculties in the government hospitals and increase the staff. We will improve the government hospitals and there is no question of extending KCR Kits programme to the private hospitals,” the CM categorically said. (INN)

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