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CM directs Collectors to complete land acquisition for projects
CM directs Collectors to complete land acquisition for projects

CM directs Collectors to complete land acquisition for projects

Hyderabad: As part of day long visit to various irrigation projects on Thursday, Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao visited Sundilla Barrage, Siripuram Pump House, Golivada Pump House and inspected the works.

The Chief Minister gave several suggestions to the officials, engineers and working agencies’ representatives. He wanted precautions to be taken while constructing the barrages. He reminded them about how anembankment made of earth was washed away due to floods at Mid Maner Dam last year.

Keeping this bad experience in mind precautions should be taken while constructing Medigadda, Sundilla and Annaram Barrages. He wanted very strong constructions to come up at the places where the Barrages are joined with the embankment.

Besides the construction of Barrage, a two-lane road should be laid on either side of Godavari for travel and transportation. He wanted the completion of the pump houses before the onset of the Monsoon next year.

The Chief Minister also instructed the Collectors to complete the land acquisition for the projects.

Structures in tune with the Godavari River water speed

The Chief Minister wanted the Medigadda Barrage having 1.63 Km length and 16.17 TMC of water capacity should be able to withstand any amount of flooding. He examined the works taking place at Medigadda in a minuscule way. He inspected the Medigadda Pump House Lift System at Kannepally.

The officials explained to the Chief Minister on how water is lifted using 11 Motors. The Chief Minister wanted the Pump House works to be completed by the summer.

Later, KCR visited the Annaram Barrage having 1.27 KMs length and 10.87 TMC capacities. He also visited Annaram Pump House at Siripuram. He also examined the 1.31 Kms long, 8.83 TMC capacity Sundilla Barrage and how 9 Motors are being fixed to pump the water.

While constructing the Barrages and pump houses, he wanted the Gates should also be made and brought to the site along with the Motors.

CM satisfied with the electricity department’s works

The Chief Minister has congratulated the electricity department for making arrangements in a record level for supplying power to the Lift Irrigation schemes. The CM paid a visit to the Sub Stations being set up at Medigadda, Sundilla, Annaram Barrages pump houses. Transco CMD Prabhakar Rao explained to the CM about the arrangements.

Prabhakar Rao said that it was estimated that 440 MWs were needed for the Medigadda Pump House. For this, a 220 KV Sub Station was set up. A new 220 KV double circuit lane was set up for 80 Kms.

The works are on the completion and by coming March all the works will be completed. Annaram Pump House needs 320 MWs and for this a 220 KV Substation and 220 KV double circuit lane for 28 Kms is being set up.

360 MW is required for Sundilla and for this a 400 KV sub-station is being constructed with 400 KV double circuit lanes from Nirmal to Sundilla.

Power supply to Sundilla and Annaram pump houses will be supplied from Sundilla. He said arrangements for the power supply needed for the Lift Irrigation projects have been made.

He said by March 2018 all the works of the electricity department will be completed. He said dedicated lines; power transformers and sub stations are set up for the lift irrigation schemes.

The Chief Minister felt happy that due to the prior planning electricity works are being completed on time.

In this programmes irrigation E-in-C Muralidhar, CE Venkateshwarlu, NPDCL CMD Gopal Rao, Transco Directors Jagat Reddy, Surya Prakash, Mancherial and Pedapalli Collectors Kannan, Prabhakar Reddy, L&T Chairman Subramanyam, Mega Company MD Krishna Reddy and others participated. (INN)

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