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CM directs officials to expedite 'Mission Bhagiratha' works
CM directs officials to expedite 'Mission Bhagiratha' works

CM directs officials to expedite ‘Mission Bhagiratha’ works

Hyderabad: Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao has instructed that all the works under Mission Bhagiratha should be completed on schedule with coordination among all the departments concerned.

The Chief Minister held a review meeting on Mission Bhagiratha at Pragathi Bhavan here on Tuesday and congratulated the officials concerned for working with zeal and commitment towards Mission Bhagiratha programme, which the state government has taken as a prestigious project.

He also inquired about the construction of Intake Wells, Water Treatment Plants, pipelines, and Electric Sub Stations. He also spoke directly from the Engineer-in-Chief to DEs all over the State. For several problems brought to his notice, the Chief Minister gave on the spot solutions.

Chief Secretary SP Singh, Mission Bhagiratha Vice-Chairman Vemula Prashanth Reddy, MLA Challa Dharma Reddy, MLC Srinivas Reddy, MDC Chairman S Subhash Reddy, E-in-C Surender Reddy, Genco CMD Prabhakar Rao, SPDCL, NPDCL CMD’s, CE, SE, EE and DEEs and other working agencies participated in the meeting.

The Chief Minister has emphasised the need to have uninterrupted power supply for the programme. “For Mission Bhagiratha power supply is very essential. Expedite the works on Sub Stations, power lines etc., Power should be supplied to Intake Wells, WTPs. Make all arrangements for the uninterrupted power to supply drinking water, ” the CM said.

“There is no dearth of funds for the Mission Bhagiratha. Financial Institutions have already pledged about Rs 30,000 Crore. We have to speed up works at the ground level and that should be our aim as on date. Coordinate with all the departments for the pipeline works.

Get clearances from the National Highways, state Highways, Panchayat Raj roads, Railway crossings, Canal crossings, River/Rivulet Crossings. Get the forest clearances faster. The district Collectors should be asked to play a proactive role in this,” the CM said.

The officials informed the Chief Minister that of 19 Intake Wells, 11 are completed and other are at various stages of the completion. These will be completed by this March. By April all the Intake Wells will be able to pump the water, the officials informed.

Of the 50 Water Treatment Plants, three are completed, 75 per cent of work is completed in another 10 Water Treatment Plants. In 11 WTP about 50 per cent of the works are done and 25 per cent works are done in another 20 WTPs and in 6 WTPs less than 25 per cent of works are done.

Responding to this, the Chief Minister said, “Working agencies should understand the aims and objectives of the government. Expedite the works. We have already announced that if the works are completed on time, one per cent incentive will be given.

This should be utilised. State’s financial position is robust. State’s GDP is also good. One should take advantage of the strong financial situation in the State,” the CM said. The officials promised that works on WTPs would be completed latest by June this year.

By March this year, 3811 Villages will get the drinking water and by December 20,366 villages will be added. 2671 OHSRs will be completed by this March and by December 15602 OHSRs will be completed. 8547 KMs main pipeline will be completed by this March and by December 42,780 KMs will be completed.

By March 9,79, 245 houses will get the drinking water. By December 42,38,980 houses will get the drinking water. 42618 KMs OFC line will be completed by December this year, the officials said. “I want all the works should be done on time as planned.

In case of any problem discuss at the district level and keep the CMO informed and we will act immediately,” the Chief Minister said.

“Mission Bhagiratha is going to be a role model in the country. The Prime Minister himself has launched this programme. Representatives from 7 States came here to study the programme. NITI AYOG praised this project and in several states they are planning to emulate the programme.

We have also taken this programme as a prestigious one. By next elections, if we do not supply drinking water to every household, we have declared that we will not seek votes. We have a lot of faith in our officials and this is the reason why the works are not given to any private agencies but handed over to our officials.

Officials are monitoring internal works in the villages and we are paying bills regularly to the working agencies. We are solving every problem. All works should be completed by December 2017,” the CM instructed.

“Though December is the target, complete the works by June. Works cannot be executed faster during the rainy season. Complete the works before the onset of Monsoon.” the CM added. (INN)

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