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CM holds review meeting on land records rectification, simplification
CM holds review meeting on land records rectification, simplification

CM holds review meeting on land records rectification, simplification

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao said that in the proposed rectification, simplification and cleansing of land records should be done without causing any harm to the farmer’s interests and with transparency.

“The rectified land details list should be displayed in the village with signatures of the farmers. The entire process of comprehensive rectification of records should be done in a simple, transparent and easy manner so that people will be able to understand it.

As part of the cleansing, in the first phase, records of 95 percent of lands having no litigation or problems should be finalized,” the Chief Minister said.

The Chief Minister held a review meeting at Pragati Bhavan on Land records rectification, simplification. Deputy CM Mohammed Mohammed Ali, IT & Municipal Administration Minister K.T. Rama Rao, GHMC Mayor Bonthu Rammohan, Chief Secretary S.P. Singh, Whip Palla Rajeshwar Reddy, Police Housing Corporation Chairman K. Damodar, MLC Karne Prabhakar, CMO Officials, Mission Director (Land Records Updation) Vakati Karuna, Collectors Raghunandan Rao and Venkatram Reddy and other officials participated.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Minister observed that once the State’s major income revenue used to be from the land cess. But now the government is planning to give Rs 8,000 per acre as an investment. This has overall changed the perception towards the land, he said.

The Chief Minister said Telangana was agriculture-oriented with uniform climatic conditions. “Godavari water will be available abundantly from next year from the Kaleswaram project. We will fill the tanks. With this former seven districts will get water. With bumper crops both people and farmers will be happy,” he said.

Stating that old revenue terms like Pahani and Sethwari words are not from Telugu, the Chief Minister wanted these terms to be changed into simple and colloquial Telugu. Similarly, he said there was no need to have many columns in Pahani. The documents should be simple and without any difficulty, he advised.

“Land records Updation programme is being launched against this backdrop. Form 1193 teams and allot 9 villages to each team and it will take three months to rectify, update and cleansing of the records. The 31 District Collectors that we have will be authorized to allot the villages to the teams,” he said.

The Chief Minister said this would be primarily land records cleansing programme. “With this all the matters that create litigation, problems should be done away with.

The complicated calculations, matters are leading to land litigations and other issues. The by-numbers system should be totally driven out. Farmers should be rid of the land related issues and should be able to cultivate peacefully,” he said.

The land records should follow the Core Banking system adapted by the Banks. After the records Updation, all the transactions done day by day should be updated as is done under the Core Banking System, digitally and online.

For this appoint 1000 Information Technology officials in the revenue departments. Pattadar should be able to get any information on line, he said.

He directed that at the time of the land records Updation completion, IT officers appointments, buying of new Servers and computers integration should be completed.

“Mutation process should be done immediately after the registration. Farmers should go to the Registration Office for transactions for once only. Their passbooks should be sent to their homes via courier,” he said.

The Chief Minister said all the revenue courts, except that of the District Collector, should be abolished. “The practice of farmers pledging their pass books in the banks should go; instead the banks should give loans based on the online information,” he said.

“Land related issues are within the power of the State governments and hence the final decision of the state government holds good. Hence the land records cleansing and Updation should be done without giving any scope for any litigation. For those RDOs, MROs and districts where the programme is done on time should be given incentives. After August 31 meeting with the Collectors, RDOs and other officers, convene a meeting of the MROs (Tahsildars) in the State,” he said. (INN)

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