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Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao
Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao

CM KCR sets March 31 as deadline for Mission Bhagiratha

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao has instructed the officials concerned to ensure that by March 31st 2019 purified and quality water through Mission Bhagiratha shall reach each and every house after duly completing the tap connections.

KCR desired that from 1st April 2019 not even a single person anywhere in the state is seen carrying a water pot or a vessel for fetching water from other than the house.

He made amply clear that without hesitating to spend any amount of money water through Mission Bhagiratha should reach each and every habitation irrespective of whether it forms part of hilly areas, forest areas or remote areas.

The Chief Minister held a review meeting in Pragathi Bhavan on Monday afternoon. Advisor to the Government Anurag Sharma, CMO Secretary SmitaSabarwal, Mission Bhagirath Engineer-in-Chief Krupakar Reddy, MLAs Vemula Prashanth Reddy, Jogu Ramanna, Gongidi Sunitha, Rajender Reddy, K Vidya Sagar Rao, Bhasker Rao, CEs, SEs and EEs from different districts attended the review meeting.

KCR elicited the views of the participant on progress of works being carried segment wise, and in response the officials explained in detail the progress.

They informed the CM that, out of a total of 23,968 habitations the bulk supply reached through Mission Bhagiratha to 23,947 habitations. Its only just 21 villages that are yet to get bulk supply informed the officials.

They told CM that these are either in hilly areas or forests or remote areas. They also informed that tap connections have been provided to 95%of households and also the construction of OHSR are on fast track.

Speaking in the review meeting, the Chief Minister said that, the objective of the Government is to supply purified drinking water through Mission Bhagiratha to every Dalit basti, Adivasi gudems, hamlet areas, remote areas etc.

The CM made very clear that villages in Achampet, Sirpur Constituencies, Adilabad, Nirmal, Asifabad, Kothagudem districts, each and every remote area habitation, habitations in hillock areas, water shall reach through Mission Bhagiratha notwithstanding the financial burden that is to be incurred.

The Chief Minister fixed the dead line to supply water to all habitations as January 10, 2019. He also has instructed by March 31st 2019, each and every bit of work pertaining to Mission Bhagiratha shall be completed and there shall not be even a single household left out without supplying the water.

“The responsibility of the Government does not cease with merely reaching the bulk water to the villages and supply at the door step to every house. Even after that, without any interruption and hurdle, that water shall be supplied continuously until the Mission Bhagiratha water supply commenced the people have adjusted themselves of obtaining water from whatever sources available to them.

They consumed water that was available to them. Once they are used to Mission Bhagiratha pure drinking water it would be difficult for them to adopt to any other water. People would be put to hardship even on a single day they are denied the water supply.

Hence, supplying water continuously without any interruption is as important as completing Mission Bhagiratha Project. Strategy has to be drawn to see that every day water is supplied through Misson Bhagiratha uninterruptedly” said the CM.

“When we conceptualised and taken up implementing the Mission Bhagiratha Scheme several expressed their doubts on it. Their doubts whether this programme would begin and completed. However, officials, engineers with lot of hard work and exhibiting marvellous engineering excellency have been successfully completing the project. Thousands of kilometres of pipelines have been laid. River waters are being supplied to each and every village.

Every house is getting drinking water. State of Telangana has done this great wonder which none other state could do and became a role model to others. Many states are adopting and replicating this scheme. They are seeking cooperation from Telangana Government.

We have also conveyed our preparedness and consent to extend necessary cooperation to such of those states who would like to replicate Mission Bhagiratha. It has become not only a pride to Telangana but also as a role model to whole of the country.

I congratulate all the officers concerned and the engineers for making it a huge success. I convey my thanks to each and every one who worked hard to complete the project. In addition to complete the project I request the officers and engineers concerned to concentrate on effective management of the project in future,” said the Chief Minister.

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