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CM KCR wants quality works in Yadadri Temple renovation
CM KCR wants quality works in Yadadri Temple renovation

CM KCR wants quality works in Yadadri Temple renovation

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has made it clear that there is no need for anxiety or hastening of Yadadri Temple renovation works as the Temple renovation works are to be remained permanently with quality and as per the laid down Shastras.

The CM suggested that all the works should be done in accordance with the Agamasastra rules with good quality and with total perfection. The CM toured Yadadri for six and half hours on Tuesday along with officials from various departments.

First the CM performed a special Pooja to Sri Laxmi Narasimha Swamy and took blessings from the Vedic scholars. After, the CM went around the temple premises for two hours.

He has keenly examined the works being done at Gopuram, Dwaja Sthambham, Sivalayam, Sanctum Sanctorum, Mada streets, Queue lines, Kitchen where Prasadam is being made, Towers, Pushkarini, Yagashala etc., The CM has expressed satisfaction that all the works of the temple are being done reflecting the spirituality and the traditions.

“Works on Temple cannot be done as per deadlines. Since they are going to be permanent constructions, each and every precaution should be taken on all aspects. Constructions should be done not to disturb the Sanctum Sanctorum’s structure and its prominence.

There is no need to hurry the works. Follow caution and quality. Constructions should be strong and everything should be done in tune with the Agamashathra rules.

This is an ancient temple. Performing poojas here is a tradition for many handed down from the generations together as a hereditary custom. Laxmi Narasimha Swamy has devotees in the country and other countries too.

In the days to come lakhs of devotees will visit Yadadri. Hence the aim should be to ensure that the devotees will have no problem in having the darshan, their stay, their holy bath at Pushkarini and while tonsuring their heads,” the CM said.

The CM has expressed satisfaction over the quality of works being done there. He complimented the sculptors who created wonderful sculptures from the hard rocks. The CM also congratulated the way temple premises is designed to fill it with the statues of Gods, Goddess.

The CM said it is hard work that was put in by 560 sculptors bore fruit after four years 4 years in the form of great walls. The temple with cent percent statues was made possible only at Yadadri. The CM suggested that gardens and green cover should be created for the pleasant atmosphere at the temple premises.

The CM also directed the officials concerned to ensure that wall paintings depicting the greatness of the Temple, the story of Laxmi Narasimha Swamy, Sthala Purana should be on display.

Later, the CM examined the ring road works going on at Yadadri. The CM also visited 15 VVIP Cottages being constructed as part of the Presidential Suite.

He suggested some changes over there. He said the Presidential suites should be made in such a way that where the President or the Prime Minister can stay comfortably. The CM instructed that like Baswapurram reservoir, Mylargudem Tank near the Presidential Suite should also be developed as a tourist spot.

He said the works on the area in between the Main temple and Ring road should be developed as planned in the past. He wanted the works on tank (Koneru) should begin.

Ministers Jagdeesh Reddy, Vemula Prashanth Reddy, Malla Reddy. Government whip G Sunitha, Rajya Sabha Member Santosh Kumar, MLAs Sekhar Reddy, Gadari Kishore, Vivekananda, MLCs Seri Subhash Reddy, A Krishna Reddy, Sambipur Raj, ZP Chairman A Sandeep Reddy, YTDA Special Officer Kishan Rao, Collector Anita Ramachandran, Temple EO Smt Gita, Temple Sculptor Ananda Sai, R&B E-in-Cs Ganapathi Reddy, Ravindra Rao, CM Special Secretary Bhoopal Reddy have accompanied the CM. (INN)

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