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CM promises Rajya Sabha seat for Yadav community
CM promises Rajya Sabha seat for Yadav community

CM promises Rajya Sabha seat for Yadav community

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao has expressed his happiness over the success of the sheep distribution program initiated with the aim of strengthening the shepherds.

The Chief Minister declared that sheep would be distributed to 7.60 lakh Yadava families in the state. Yadav Bhavan will also be constructed at a cost of Rs 10 crore for the Golla and Kurama. In the coming days, the Backward Classes will be given priority in the politics which will ensure proper justice to Yadavas, he said.

Representatives of the Yadava and Kuruma communities across the state came to Pragati Bhavan on Tuesday to congratulate the Chief Minister for the successful completion of distribution of sheep.

“Many people have expressed suspicions about the distribution of sheep. Some also insulted. But now this program was successfully completed. About 30 lakh sheep were distributed to one and half lakh families. Distributed sheep gave birth to 12 lakh lambs.

Telangana now has an additional 42 lakh extra sheep. This made me very happy that Yadav brothers were benefitted. First, we thought it would be enough to distribute 84 lakh sheep across the state. But now more than 7.60 lakh families will be distributed over one and half crore sheep. We will distribute sheep to everyone. With this sheep distribution programme people from yadav community will become the richest yadavas in the country.

Telangana should also be in first position in exporting meat in India. This is my goal. Yadavas in rural areas will raise sheep and in urban areas meat processing units to be established. The government will help for establishing meat processing units. Measures will be taken to start meat processing units in urban areas from next year, “the Chief Minister said.

The Chief Minister announced that Yadav Bhavan will be built in Hyderabad for Golla and Kurma communities to bring them on a single platform. “We will complete the construction within a year. Poor yadavas can solemnize their marriages in the Yadav Bhavan.

We have to support poor yadavas. Let’s gather some fund which can be utilized for the education of poor yadavas and support for the medical expenditure,” he said.

KCR stressed on increasing the political representation of the BCs in Telangana. He also announced that the TRS would field a Yadav candidate in the Rajya Sabha elections next year. In the upcoming MLC election, Kuruma Sangam State President Mallesham will be given an opportunity. Yadavas will be given tickets after the increase in Assembly seats due to delimitation, the CM said.

Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav has announced that a meeting would be held in Hyderabad on March 25th next year to thank the Government and Chief Minister.

The meeting was also attended by MP Balka Suman, Meat Development Corporation Chairman Rajayya Yadav, Kuruma Sangam State president Mallesham, Karimnagar ZP Chairperson Tula Uma and Medak ZP Chairperson Raja Mani. (INN)

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