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Justice Katju to PM Narendra Modi
Justice Katju to PM Narendra Modi

Demonetization: Justice Katju calls Modi’s order ‘madcap and reckless’

Former supreme court judge Markandey Katju criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi on demonetization order passed on November 8, 2016. He called the order of Modi as ‘madcap and reckless’ in a FB Post reproduced below.

My appeal to the Central Govt. regarding demonetization of Rs. 500 and 1000 notes

Dear Mr.Modi,

Please immediately revoke this harebrained, asinine, madcap and reckless order of yours.

Do you realize how much chaos and problems it has created for the ordinary people throughout India ? At first many witless people were praising you, without realizing its practical implications, thinking you have by one stroke solved the problem of corruption and black money, but as they are now experiencing the follow out of this scatterbrained idea of yours and are feeling the pinch they have begun cursing you.

Your chamchas will of course not tell you this, and instead applaud you for this ‘masterstroke’, but being your ‘shubh chintak’ i am taking the liberty of telling you the truth.

Nowadays everyone deals with 500 1000 rupee notes, because its purchasing power is the same as that of a 100 rupee note or so only a few years ago ( because of rapid inflation )..Because of your nitwit order, hawala dealers have been created in large numbers, who are doing flourishing business. These people will take a 500 rupee note and give 4 hundred rupee notes.

Long queues have been formed before banks, people cannot get taxis, shopkeepers are in distress, there are traffic jams etc. One person spoke to me from Mumbai and said he wanted some bottles of bisleri water for 200 rupees for drinking purpose, but could not get it because he had no hundred rupee notes, only a 500 rupee one.

The big sharks who have a huge amount of black money have stacked it in foreign banks, but you have done nothing serious to retrieve it despite your election promise, and are instead harrassing the common man in India.

End this madness, Modiji.

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