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De-Addiction Round Table Conference in Hyderabad
De-Addiction Round Table Conference in Hyderabad

Digital products are addictive too: Experts

Internet based products such as games, online pornography and movies are potentially addictive as real drugs and substances, say experts.

“Digital screen addition is severe too, especially among children”, opined psychiatrist Dr Minhaj Nasirabadi, who runs a mental health clinic Chanchalguda Nursing Home in Hyderabad.

In one case, an addict became violent and hit his mother when she tried restricting use of the digital product, he recalled at the round table conference on de-addiction organized by SIO Telangana at MediaPlus Auditorium.

“Addiction at an early age changes brain patterns, due to which de-addiction becomes a tough challenge, Dr Nasirabadi noted while adding that family members must sensitize young ones regularly about things that could be harmful for them.

In many cases, he said that young people indulge in drug and substance abuse due to peer pressure. He further said that the number of drug abuse cases increased at an alarming rate in recent years in Hyderabad.

Speaking on the occasion, Hyderabad Youth Mirror editor Fasiullah SM raised the issue of addiction to digital products, including games and pornography.

He suggested restriction of addictive internet based products and services, as people are spending too much of their precious time online.

Dr Mazher Ahmed from Radiant Hospital highlighted the need to maintain eye contact during conversation with children. He said it would build confidence among them, then only they will any problem they may be facing.

Talking about legal aspects of drug abuse, senior counsel Yaseen Abdul Wahab informed that India has very strict laws to regulate the social problem.

Khalida Parveen, a social counselor and president of Amoomat Society, narrated two incidents of drug and pornography addicts. Despite being well-educated, they fell prey at an early age.

Among other notable persons who took part in the discussion were: Layeeq Ahmed Khan, President of SIO Telangana; Asma Rubab, Social Activist; Abu Aimal, Journalist; Dr Wassey, health researcher; Sana Wahab, Advocate; and Khalid Hasan, General Secretary of Awami Insaaf Movement.

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