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Don’t make false promises, KCR tells elected representatives
Don’t make false promises, KCR tells elected representatives

Don’t make false promises, KCR tells elected representatives

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao said that the onus and responsibility of making towns and cities in Telangana State as the ideal towns and cities in the country is on the newly elected Mayors, Chairpersons, Counsellors, Ward members and Corporators.

At the State level Municipal Conference held here on Tuesday at Pragathi Bhavan, the Chief Minister gave a piece of his mind to the public representatives and educated them about duties and responsibilities. Laced with illustrations, the CM told the gathering on how public representatives should conduct themselves in the public life.

While underlining the need to be steadfast to the work and achieving goals, the CM as his wont, quoted a poem from Barthruhari’s Subhshitam as translated by Yenugu Laxmana Kavi which in Telugu goes like “Arambhimparu neechamanavulu….”

“You should emerge victorious while doing your duty. You will come across a variety of experiences in public life. Now, politics have become easy and simple due to the prevailing situation in the State and in the country. During the British colonial regime and later for some time, politics used to be different. Politics then used to mean facing difficulties, doing hard work, suffering jail terms and a great sacrifice, sometimes even sacrificing one’s life.

After the colonial rule, in independent India, we are indulging in comfortable politics and enjoying them. In those days, it was sacrifice and giving away one’s life but now we are in independent India, and are immersed with the nation building activity.

Those who understand this will get a good name and fame. It will be a great accomplishment in life, if you are good to the people,” he said.

“Power should not get into one’ head. Don’t aspire for the unwarranted status. Only 140 of you out of 5 crores of people have become Mayors and Chairmen. This is a rare and golden opportunity to you given by the God. This is like a stepping-stone and it all depends on how much do you scale up. You should not be flop in this endeavor,” said the CM.

The Chief Minister said that power and position were like walking on a thin razor’s edge. “Public life is not an easy one. Don’t lose your balance while discharging duties. We got Telangana State with lot of difficulties, sacrifices and hard work. We fought a relentless battle believing that we will be benefitted if we get our own State. People made me CM twice.

As far as I am concerned, for me politics are up to the level of fighting election and there are no politics after that. If you closely watch the implementation of government programmes and schemes you will understand this. Mission Kakatiya and Mission Bhagiratha programmes are implemented in all the villages without any discrimination and without any scope for politics. We have implemented the programme and will continue to think that all the people are ours. Everyone belongs to us.

To do any work, commitment and dedication is required. Whatever work you want to do, take it up seriously. Many people may not have the required self-confidence. But it should not be the case. Understand with awareness and take up the responsibility, if you really want to do. Then only accept the task and complete it with dedication and you shall succeed.

People should have faith and repose confidence in you. If a leader wins faith and confidence of people, he or she will be totally supported by the people” said CM KCR.

KCR said that public representatives should not indulge in false talk. “Don’t make false promises to people that you will get all the works done overnight. Prepare a proper planning to undertake any work or task. Have proper awareness on the subject.

Prepare a comprehensive action Plan before plunging into the execution. Take along all the concerned. Develop towns and cities with people’s participation. Have less Photo-ops, concentrate and focus more on executing the works,” said CM.

“The term Municipality has become a synonym for drainage, dirt and garbage. Baldia (Municipality) became a second name for corruption. It is often referred among the people that Baldia, Khaya, Peeya, Chaldiya (Municipality staff came, ate, drank and left). To remove the bad name, transparent policies should be adapted. There should be a non-corrupt system in place. The town’s progress should be based on proper planning.

It should not be haphazard. It should be in your hands to change the towns and cities as the best ones among others in the country,” the CM remarked.

“We can achieve wonders if we can unite the people’s force. The Mayors, Municipal Chairmen Ward members and other local body elected persons will be the leaders in the State tomorrow. You all should be able leaders. If you have the conviction you will be successful cent percent,” the CM said.

In the end, the CM quoted a poem from Barthruhari’s Subhshitam, (translated by Enugu Laxmana Kavi), “Arambhimparu—-Gavunan”. Freely translated it means, “People are classified into 3 categories based on their capacity to face difficulties in achieving a task.

A person who is not fit enough will not at all start any work afraid of the difficulties he may come across his way. The 2nd type is moderate type of people, who start the work and leave it incomplete because of the difficulties he faces. Only the Courageous and Efficient people shall complete any work though they come across many difficulties”. (INN)

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