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Dr Shashi Tharoor in Bits Pilani Hyderabad
Dr Shashi Tharoor in Bits Pilani Hyderabad

Dr Shashi Tharoor advises Students on Successful Career

Hard work, curiosity and faith in yourself are three qualities required for a successful career, advised senior parliamentarian Dr Shashi Tharoor to students of Bits Pilani in Hyderabad on Sunday.

Addressing a packed auditorium housing over 2,500 people, Thiruvananthapuram MP Tharoor told the audience that he genuinely wanted to see change for better in India.

A Bits Pilani student asked the author of ‘An Era of Darkness’ to suggest a suitable career option between civil services and politics, he said both are equally significant.

Referring to recent free speech and sedition cases, the Indian lawmaker said that the answer to speech was more speech.

During the conversation with novelist Sriram Karri on his book at Bits Pilani Auditorium, Dr Tharoor said the British were capable of being shamed for their performances.

He further noted that any advantage to Indians of British colonial projects such Railways was purely incidental.

While acknowledging that Indians are quick to forgive and forget, he suggested them not to forget about the British empire, colonial loot and injustice.

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