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Dr. Dasoju Sravan
Dr. Dasoju Sravan

Elections are not auction, Congress tells KCR

Hyderabad: Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) Chief Spokesperson Dr. Dasoju Sravan has advised caretaker Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao to understand the difference between elections and auction.

“The Congress party had promised to give Unemployment Allowance of Rs. 3,000 per month to jobless youth if it wins next elections. Now KCR repeated the promises by offering Rs. 3016 seeking votes for TRS.

This is not an auction where you are buying votes by increasing the price by Rs. 16,” said Sravan while addressing a press conference at Gandhi Bhavan on Wednesday. Similarly, he said KCR has added Rs. 16 to the amount promised by the Congress to beneficiaries of Aasra pension.

“Does KCR think that people will vote for TRS because it is offering Rs. 16 more than the Congress party?” he asked and accused the TRS chief of humiliating the youth and poor people.

Sravan also accused KCR of misleading the people on real figures of unemployment. He pointed out that while addressing a press conference on Tuesday KCR has claimed that the total number of unemployed youth in Telangana was nearly 12 lakh.

He arrived at this figure from the findings of Intensive Household Survey (IHS). Sravan said that over 18 lakh eligible candidates have registered themselves with the Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) for various jobs. Further, there are equal number of college and school drop outs who are jobless.

Therefore, as per the rough estimates, the total number of unemployed youth in Telangana is about 30 lakhs. Further, he said the IHS was conducted in August 2014 and therefore, it does not include the college pass outs and other drop outs.

“By mentioning the figure of 12 lakh, KCR has tried to mislead everyone on the unemployment scenario in Telangana State,” he said.

The Congress leader said that the caretaker Chief Minister was not presenting the actual picture on job scenario. He said there were more than 2.5 lakh vacancies in public sector alone and as against the promise of filling up one lakh vacancies, TRS Govt did not fill even 10% of them.

He said no efforts were made by the KCR Govt to deal with unemployment scenario. It did not empower the TSPSC to act independently. He said about 300 posts in the TSPSC too remained vacant. “KCR is silent on actual number of vacancies filled by his government.

He also failed to mention the loss of lakhs of jobs due to demonitisation,” he said.

Sravan also accused KCR of spreading hatred by inciting the regional feelings. “People feel proud to associate themselves with their motherland.

If a person born in Bengal feels proud in calling himself a Bengali or an individual takes pride in calling himself a Marathi because he was born in Maharashtra, then what is wrong in people born in Seemandhra relating themselves with their place of birth.

KCR is trying to intimidate people of Seemandhra region by inciting regional feelings,” he said. He also pointed out that KCR himself promised to construct a Malayali Bhavan for people hailing from Kerela.

“If it is OK for the people from Kerela to call themselves Malayalis, then what makes KCR think that Seemandhra people should forget their native place. Is there a separate citizenship for Telangana? All of us are Indians and we are free to live anywhere in our country,” he said.

He demanded that the Election Commission of India register a suo motto case against KCR for inciting regional feelings.

Sravan described the manifesto released by KCR on Tuesday as another attempt by TRS to cheat the people. He said KCR did not fulfil any of the promises which he made with the people in last elections and now he is coming up with a bunch of new promises which are actually copied from Congress manifesto.

The Congress leader pointed out that when Congress promised to double the Aasra pension amount and offered monthly allowance of Rs. 3,000 to jobless youth, minister K. Tarakarama Rao had opposed it and even claimed that the budget of entire South India would not be sufficient to fulfil those promises.

Now the same promises have been included in TRS manifesto. He asked KTR to give an explanation on how TRS proposes to implement them.

Sravan said that the Congress party was all set to win the next Assembly elections. The results will be declared on December 11 and the next day, Pragathi Bhavan will be turned into a public hospital. Therefore, KCR must pack up his stuff in the next 50 days and prepare to shift permanently to his farm house.

He said almost 80% TRS MLAs and candidates are facing huge dissent and anger from common people.

He said TRS legislators are unable to enter a majority of villages and habitations where they are being questioned by angry mob over their failures and unfulfilled promises.

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