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Youthness, Hyderabad_Youth_Mirror, Supernova
Youthness, Hyderabad_Youth_Mirror, Supernova

Empowering Youth for Building a Healthy Society

Anu Renoola for Hyderabad Youth Mirror #

“Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value”. From smartphones and social networking to robotics technology, youth nowadays keep pace with the current technology. At the same time, young citizens need to think that future of any nation rests on their shoulders. Of course, they are the valuable assets of social life, political life, and economic life of the society.

Most of the Indian youth nowadays have only occasional contact with their near & dear ones. Even parents worry about the present attitude of youth, for dressing, indecency, consuming alcohol, and much more. In some cases, uneducated parents may fail to fill their children minds with social awareness, importance of life, and economic factors. But to build a healthy society, motivating and inspiring young minds is very necessary. Today, media is playing very crucial role in the world. Thus, most of the communities using media as a powerful weapon to bring complete ‘youthness’ in the present generation from destructive lifestyles and making them constructive citizens to live a meaningful life.

In fact, the present generation has the ability to do impossible things, to make it right. We just need to remind our youth that they have incredible power within them to live a successful and productive life. One thing youth should remember is that they need to lead a life that may inspire their friends and neighbors or people around their community.

Gone are the days, where we worry about the things that harm young generation. Hyderabad Youth Mirror (HYM)A friend of modern youth, has come up with a great intention to address the various youth issues and motivate them to do right things and abstain from evil things. This magazine is to shape the youth in to the most valuable assets of the society. HYM’s online magazine/e-magazine has laid its foundation stone with the major objective to motivate youth to earn morals & ethics, and also strengthen their sense of responsibility towards fellow human beings.

HYM Youth Magazine is igniting sparks in our young generation, focusing highly in grooming them, and inspiring & guiding them towards right path. HYM youth magazine which earned a good name and fame in the society, focusing on Hyderabad youth to help them in developing positive attitude in life, a proper life plan, developing inspiring goals, youth health conditions, and many more, to build a complete ‘youthness’ in them. It only aims for providing right motivation, right inspiration, and right determination, for all the college youth and young professionals.

Let’s bring the change in the community. Be an initiative!

[The author is a writer who works in a multi-national company in Hyderabad, Telangana.]

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