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Expedite pending irrigation projects in Mahabubnagar: CM
Expedite pending irrigation projects in Mahabubnagar: CM

Expedite pending irrigation projects in Mahabubnagar: CM

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has instructed that all the pending projects in Mahabubnagar district should be completed on a fast track and water should be given to 10 lakh acres by the coming Kharif season.

The Chief Minister instructed that SRSP Canals below LMD should be kept ready to the fullest to supply water to the tail end point of the ayucut by the Kharif season.

Since all the obstacles for new projects like Kaleswaram, Palamur and other projects have been cleared works on these projects also should be speeded up. He disclosed that funds for the irrigation department are not only coming from the Budget but also from other financial institutions.

KCR held a review meeting on irrigation projects here on Friday in Pragati Bhavan. Irrigation Minister T Harish Rao, MLA E Dayakar Rao, Chief Secretary SP Singh, Special Chief Secretary SK Joshi, Principal Secretaries S Narsing Rao, Ramakrishna Rao and BR Meena, Secretary Smitha Sabharwal and others participated.

“Complete all the pending projects in Palamuru and give top priority to these works. Last year we were able to give water to half of the Ayucut.

By next Kharif, the entire Ayucut should get water and speed up the works. Other departments concerned should cooperate with the Irrigation department. By next year 10 Lakh acres should get water,” the Chief Minister instructed.

“We are constructing Kaleswaram project to utilise our share of water in Godavari River. We are making plans to lift water from Medigadda before the completion of the works on reservoirs. Canals works will also be completed.

Water will be available in abundance. Yellampally, Mid Maner, Lower Maner will get 140 TMC of water for the Reservoirs. With this, two crops should be cultivated in old Karimnagar and Warangal districts. For this keep the SRSP canals ready to fill tanks and supply water to the fields.

Revive canals so that water can be supplied to the tail end point of the Ayucut from BhoopalPalli to Dornakal constituencies. Some canals to be repaired and some have to be digged. The entire canal system should supply water to the tail end lands. Give water for two crops in the old Warangal district alone to the 10-lakh acres through SRSP.

Fill up the tanks and increase the capacity and strength of the main canal to take 7,000 Cu secs of water flow. Every MLA should supervise and monitor works in his constituency.

Legislators should feel that it is their bounden responsibility to give irrigation water to the farmers in their constituencies. Work and coordinate with the irrigation officials on a regular basis,” the Chie Minister said.

The Chief Minister also instructed the officials to release funds required for the Irrigation facilities. “We have provided in the budget every year Rs 25,000 crore for the purpose. Financial Institutions are ready give funds for the projects. Hence there is availability of water and funds. Take this as an opportunity and speed up the works,” he instructed.

“There is a misconception among some economists and rulers that spending money on irrigation is a waste but this is not true. Last year we have spent Rs 1000 Crore for the repairs of the SRSP canals. This has resulted in the crops in 9 lakh acres and their value is Rs 8,370 Crore.

When we spent Rs 1000 Crore, crops worth Rs 8,000 Crore were yielded. Hence the money spent on irrigation facilities is not a waste. Farmers’ income is many more folds than money spent on Irrigation projects in the State.

More than anything else, providing water for irrigation to the farmers and make agriculture alive is the primary duty of the government,” KCR explained.

The Chief Minister also signed on file extending the term of Engineer-in-Chief Muralidhar for another two years. (INN)

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