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Fight Smoking in a Celebrity Way

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Life is a most precious gift from God. Some people make best use of their lives to achieve fame. While some other people simply waste their lives in a more casual way. Among those who have willfully chosen to die a slow death are smokers.

Smoking has been recognized as the third biggest health risk in India. Despite the Indian government’s anti-tobacco and anti-smoke laws and initiatives, a whopping 110 million people are smokers.

Once a person becomes habitual smoker, a number of measures are required for a successful dishabituation. First of all, smoker needs to be made aware of various health risks associated with tobacco use. 

Also, motivation from people who can influence smokers can play a significant role in smoking dishabituation. I have spotted a powerful advertisement wherein Bahubali fame director S. S. Rajamouli has stood for the cause of Fight Smoking.

Rajamouli @ Fight Smoking

Taken up as a Corporate Social Responsibility by American Oncology Institute (AOI), the Fight Smoking initiative intends to help people who need support in various forms to quit smoking.

On its Fight Smoking website, the AOI stated that the Fight Smoking provides access to their followers in the form of information about a wide range of fight smoking resources.

What’s worth noting here is that Rajamouli is one such celebrity who has millions of followers. If many more celebrities come forward to lead anti-smoking, anti-alcohol and anti-child labor social causes then our society will become a much better place to live happily.

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