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MBT Spokesperson Amjed Ullah Khan
MBT Spokesperson Amjed Ullah Khan

Focus on traffic management, not collection of fines: MBT to City Police

Hyderabad: Majlis Bachao Tahreek (MBT) Spokesperson Amjed Ullah Khan took strong objection to the Special Collection Drive taken up by the Hyderabad Traffic Police.

In a statement on Friday, Amjed Ullah Khan said that the motorists were facing innumerable problems due to rainfall, bad road conditions, Metro Rail works, unplanned traffic junctions and spending long hours in traffic than in their workplaces.

He said that at almost every junction, the traffic police are barricading the road in the name of special drives and chasing and catching the two wheeler drivers who are trying to escape from the “police extortion”.

The MBT leader said that the traffic police should focus more on streamlining the traffic on the road especially the L. B. Nagar, Sagar Road to Chaderghat to Mozamjahi Market road in Eastern part of the city and around the Charminar where police are busier harassing the petty businessmen in name of traffic enforcement.

He said that the traffic police in groups of 8 to 10, along with an Sub-Inspector, are holding the special drive. He said only one SI is wearing a body worn camera and wondered if the other home guards and constables are doing their duty sincerely and honestly.

He took strong objection the traffic police home guard not wearing proper dresses while stopping motorists and asking for documents and challans money

Amjed Ullah Khan questioned as to why the police department failed to provide Point of Sale Machine (PoS) or Swipe Machines to digital transactions and forcing the public to approach the ATMs for withdrawing money and paying the e-challans. The public is facing many problems in the money minting exercise in the city.

He demanded the special drive should be stopped immediately as traffic enforcement and issuing challans for traffic violations is duty of the State Transport Department.

Because there is revenue from the traffic challans the police department is eager in enforcing traffic rules instead of concentrating on traffic management. (INN)

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