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GHMC to plant 5 lakh more saplings
GHMC to plant 5 lakh more saplings

GHMC to plant 5 lakh more saplings

Hyderabad: In the present 4th phase of Harithaharam, GHMC has vied a target of 40 lakhs saplings to be planted. In the bio-diversity meeting with the senior officials, the Commissioner has decided to plant 5 lakhs more saplings in addition to 40 lakhs.

Krishna, Additional Commissioner, Urban Bio diversity and Harichandana, Zonal Commissioner, Director U.B Managers have attended the review meeting taken by the Commissioner at GHMC H.O. today.

Out of 40 lakhs saplings, 30.60 lakhs have been distributed to the citizens free of cost remaining 3.59 lakhs saplings have been planted by the GHMC. From the last 3 years abound 2 Crores saplings have been planted said the UB officials.

In the GHMC limits parks, open spaces, Grave yards, including forest Department Universities and other organisations where all taken up Green coverage for which GIS, SRS services will be taken to have a better clarity.

The GHMC is having around identified 1049 places where GHMC is planning to invite the Corporate Companies to come forward to develop these open places in to beautiful parks under C.S.R, said the Commissioner.

The GHMC is having 17 Major parks, 16 theme parks, 10 Bio-diversity parks, 806 colony parks and 324 tree parks. A Green book to be introduced incorporating all the information of the parks which is going to taken up in a week or two.

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