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Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC)
Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC)

GHMC to use emergency teams for regular works

Hyderabad: GHMC Commissioner Dr. B. Janardhan Reddy on Saturday said that 140 special teams, which were formed to deal with emergency situations during monsoon, would be utilized for regular civic works.

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has deployed 140 special monsoon teams with a cost of Rs.29 crores to tackle the emergency situation in monsoon season. The teams, consisting of 1600 workers, have started working from June 1st itself.

The GHMC Commissioner, while on inspection on East Zone, observed that emergency teams were only working during heavy rains.

In this connection, he has directed the officials to make use of these workers not only in emergency situation but also their services may also be utilized for various civic related works 24×7 in shifts whenever there is no emergency works. (INN)

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  • Sridhar Srinivas

    The road from Laxmi Kalamandir to West Venkatapuram was dug up for laying of water pipes in September 2015. Part of it was relaid and dug out again and again . The portion from Bridge to West Venkatapuram is yet to be done. It’s 20 months now and still the road has not been repaired causing inconvenience to the general public, women, children and aged people alike. God knows when it will be required and restored. It was not so bad during the TDP rule. Wish the work is done at the earliest. God save people of west Venkatapuram. Several people were injured and also several vehicles were damaged. Will the concerned authorities take quick remedial action at the earliest.

  • Sridhar Srinivas

    I want to know where I can complain about our grievances about the West Venkatapuram road conditions persisting for almost 2 years now.

  • Sridhar Srinivas

    I want to know where I can compain about Mahindra Duro Scooters pathetic performance and escalating maintenance costs for its owners. A huge liability for its owners. No availability of spare parts or ineffective service centres causing tension and exhorbitant expenditure for its owners.

  • Deepthi

    @KTRTRS Food morning sir am writing this complaint on behalf my friend who is unable to write a tweet to u. Good morning sir I am Francis Harry from malkajkgri muncipality . Sir it’s urgent that’s why I texted you here on last resort.
    Sir due to heavy rains last night the drain line has been choked and the sweage water is coming back reverse in force with all the filth in my house. Sir I went to malkajkgri muncipality office for help no office is available the security guard showed me a print note stick to the wall to call Mr D Ravinder Reddy 9908132027 c
    alled for help he informed me as it’s Sunday no body will b available hence call me on Monday at 6:30 am . In vain I begged a sweeper cum cleaner he to shoo me away . Sir I called GHMC help line in vain number not In use+91-40-2111-1111. Sir pls help me sweage water over flowing on roads and it’s over flowing in my house compound and about to enter living area. Pls help me in this regard I would really be grateful to u my number 9949044803. Thank you.. Another point would like to add is monsoon helping people or vehicles are also not to seen any where on the roads. When my friend went to write a complaint at least there is no complaint book. He is waiting like beggar in municipality office