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Girl Tries Hapkido in Hyderabad
Girl Tries Hapkido in Hyderabad

Girls Learn Hapkido for Self-Defense in Hyderabad

Simple and innovative techniques of self-defensive art Hapkido is gaining popularity among the young women in city for quite some time. Most of the school girls have been coming forward to learn the techniques of Hapkido these days.

Hapkido is a uniquely comprehensive ancient Korean Martial Art that is gaining a huge popularity & following around the world as an incredibly practical self-defense system.

This is because Hapkido techniques do not require strength and, in conflict situations, they allow the defender to gain complete control with minimal effort and without aggression or injuries to the attacker.

A 10th standard student Syeda Amina Fatima who has been learning Hapkido martial arts for quite some time said that she was so confident of herself now. She said, “These techniques instill confidence and courage in hearts and we feel strong when we learn Hapkido. We can defend ourselves rather becoming victims of any atrocity at any place.”

She says that Hapkido is nothing but enhancement of self-confidence among the women and girls.

Hapkido Association Telangana president Mohammed Zaheeruddin says that the more the people knew about this technique, large number of young students have been adopting to learn it.

He said that this is the simplest form of self-defense ever introduced in the world of Martial Arts and has become very popular in a very short period. “In city hundreds of girl students are attracting towards it. I have been personally training dozens of students”, said Zaheeruddin.

He said that the techniques of Hapkido work on the principle of defending the offender by defusing the latter’s attack with smart moves that does not require much strength.

Self-defense training increases confidence and self-control, improves self-esteem, and instills a positive mental attitude while developing muscle, strength, and physical endurance.

In wake of severe attempts of attacks on girls in the name of love or anything like this, the concept of Hapkido gaining more popularity among the girls.

Samia Yasmeen, another student who has been learning Hapkido, said that these techniques were so simple that three months training would be enough for a person to learn those completely.

“Girls are generally prone to be attacked and harassed on the streets and urban localities have become more unsafe for them. In these circumstances self-defense is the only way out and Hapkido gives us that confidence of defense”, says Yasmeen.

Zaheeruddin opines that we can thwart all kinds of attacks on women including Chain snatching incidents once the girls are trained in this method. He says that it must be propagated among the masses to create a fear among the offenders.

There are specialized courses for training Hapkido techniques which enables a non-martial arts person to know more about self-defense.

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