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#GiveUpConcession - Campaign launched on SCR
#GiveUpConcession - Campaign launched on SCR

#GiveUpConcession – Campaign launched on SCR

Hyderabad: South Central Railway (SCR) General Manager Gajanan Mallya unveiled the campaign poster to launch #GiveUpConcession Campaign seeking the co-operation of Senior Citizens to support Indian Railways in its endeavor to serve the Rail Users better and partner the organization in its growth.

The General Manager was joined by V.M.Shrivastava, In-charge Additional General Manager; K.Siva Prasad, Principal Chief Operations Manager; G.John Prasad, Principal Chief Commercial Manager; K.V.Rao, Chief Commercial Manager, Catering & Passenger Services and Ch. Rakesh, Chief Public Relations Officer, SCR were amongst those present during the launch of the campaign on Thursday at SCR Headquarters, Rail Nilayam, Secunderabad.

Senior Citizens on Indian Railways are presently being given concession on reservation tickets for rail travel in any of the classes between any destinations, any number of times they travel.

The facility entails 40 % concession to Male passengers over 60 years of age, while the concession is 50%, in case of Female Passengers over the age of 58 years. Railways are extending the concession as a measure of its concern and respect for the senior citizens in the country, although the financial burden is huge.

In 2017, the Ministry of Railways introduced a “Give up Scheme” for the concession to Senior Citizens as well as rationalization of the scheme of Senior Citizen concession. Basing on this, Senior Citizens of Indian Nationality have been provided an option to Give up the Concession granted to them.

They are entitled to opt to give up either 50 % of the concession that they get or opt to totally forego 100 % of the concession, thereby paying the actual full fare. The scheme has been introduced for all reserved tickets, issued either at the Reservation Counters or on the Internet (e-tickets).

SCR has envisaged the plan to reach out to the Senior Citizen segment of rail users on its network to make them more aware on the availability of option to forego concession while travelling, there by contributing to the efforts of Indian Railways in the task of Nation Building and utilizing the revenue for serving the people better.

Senior citizens can exercise the option of giving up concession by a simple tick of the appropriate column to forego 50% or 100% of the element of concessional amount, while making reservation at the counters.

On Internet too, “Forego 50% Concession” and “Forego Full Concession” option is available under the Option for Senior Citizen Concession section of Passenger Details Form, which can be utilized. In case, services of authorised ticket booking agents are utilised, Senior Citizens can keep the agents informed of their selected option.

Elaborating on the priorities of Indian Railways to modernize the system and offer best in class travel facilities, the General Manager opined that the Senior Citizens are Nation’s strength and their co-operation will make an immense difference to the rail revenue.

Being the valued section of the society, the involvement of Senior Citizens in the growth of Indian Railways is bound to have its effect on other sections of rail users, to lend their support to the organization in the pursuit towards service excellence. (INN)

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