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Go against drugs and adulteration with more zeal: CM tells officials
Go against drugs and adulteration with more zeal: CM tells officials

Go against drugs and adulteration with more zeal: CM tells officials

Hyderabad: Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao has instructed the officials to go ahead with more zeal against drugs and adulteration in the State.

The Chief Minister wanted the officials to investigate in depth from all the angles. He also instructed the officials to take stringent measures against those supplying drugs and indulging in adulteration so that those who are in the business should get jittery.

He told them not to spare anyone however high may he or she is. “In this shady business, don’t leave any one. Any politician, even if there is a Cabinet minister involved in this crime, book cases against him,” the Chief Minister told the officials. He said he was pained to hear that even blood is being adulterated and felt that new laws to be enacted, if need be, to punish the guilty with rigorous life term sentence.

He wanted the officials who could control successfully the sale of illicit liquor and playing cards, should work with the same spirit and should not sleep till the drugs and adulteration eradicated from the state. He also hailed the police and Excise department and other related departments for their excellent job in controlling drugs and adulteration.

KCR held a high-level review meeting on drugs, adulteration and other social evils at Pragati Bhavan here on Sunday. Ministers Nayani Narasimha Reddy and T. Padma Rao, Government’s Chief Advisor Dr. Rajiv Sharma, DGP Anurag Sharma, Principal Secretaries S Narsing Rao, S. Somesh Kumar, Shanti Kumari, Excise Commissioner Chandravadan, GHMC Commissioner Janardhan Reddy, ACB DG Purnachandra Rao, Hyderabad, Cyberabad and Rachakonda Police Commissioners Mahender Reddy, Sandeep Sandalya and Mahesh Bhagwat respectively, Intelligence IG Navin Chand, Security IG NK Singh, Excise & Enforcement Director Akun Sabharwal, Hyderabad and Warangal Range IGs Stephen Ravindra and Nagireddy, Police Housing Corporation Chairman Damoder Gupta and others attended.

“Officers in the State are doing a good job in controlling drugs, adulteration in food items and the spurious seeds. We are catching those involved in this shady business and raids are being conducted at several places.

Though this problem is there all over the country, but Telangana State has got a good name in controlling this menace. But don’t be complacent with the good work so far you have done, go ahead with much more zeal and work till the end.

Increase intensity of the investigations, go into deep, find out who are playing the key roles and take action against all those guilty. The government is giving total freedom to the officials on this issue,” he said.

KCR said that the State Government’s aim is very clear and there should not be any drugs or adulteration in the State. “There is no place for any violation of law, arrest the guilty even if they are famous.

Even if there is involvement of the politicians don’t leave them even if they belong to the TRS. Register cases against them and send them to jail. Even if there is a Cabinet minister don’t leave. The state government will not protect anyone. You have total liberty in catching the culprits.

Use your experience and power to eradicate this malady,” the Chief Minister told the officials.

The Chief Minister said that the supply and use of drugs in Hyderabad has been going for the last several years due to the indifferent attitude of the previous governments. “Had they taken the stringent measures, situation would have been different now. There is an urgent need to protect Hyderabad’s brand image.

I have asked Akun Sabharwal not to go in leave as the case is being investigated. Dig out the entire details on the case, don’t leave anyone and punish the guilty. Take such measures that people should get frightened to consume drugs or sell them in Hyderabad. Change Hyderabad into a drug free city,” the Chief Minister instructed.

“For the past three years, the State has progressed in maintaining the law and order situation, controlling the anti social activities and protecting the women. The peace and tranquil situation that existed for the past three years never happened before. There is no compromise in controlling the illegal activities.

This zeal and pressure should continue and we will give you all the strength, support, personnel. The government will stand by you. There will not be any political interference in the case and this government has no need to protect anyone. Crush the culprits with iron hand. SHE Teams have become successful and there is lot more confidence among women.

They are happy that the government is taking care of them. We are also dealing firmly with the SC/ST Atrocities cases. These sections are feeling that injustices will not be done to them. We are number one in the country in maintaining the law and order situation. We providing the require personnel and vehicles for the police. We have successfully ended playing cards and have banned the online rummy.

Some of them went to the Courts and we will explain to the Courts that actual situation. We have successfully eradicated the sale of illicit liquor upto to 95%. Very soon we will also eradicate the remaining 5 %. We have put a special action plan on this,” the Chief Minister said.

The Chief Minister said the government got good results following control of the illicit liquor and those involved in the making of this liquor have positively response to the appeal given by the government. They are shifting to alternative employment.

We will provide them employment to them. For Dhoolpet in Hyderabad an exclusive strategy should be planned and executed. Talk to those involved in the making of the illicit liquor and show them alternatives. For this we will have a special meeting with the Home Minister presiding over it.

Finally the Telangana state should become an illicit liquor free state,” explained KCR. (INN)

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