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Government school students develop games in Narayanpeta

Hyderabad: Students from government schools in Makthalmandal in Narayanpet district set an example for rural students to bring out their best on any given platform if properly directed.

Students who have attended online coding training offered by the Telangana Information Technology Association (TITA) are designing their own games and animations.

TITA recently launched a programme to offer enthusiasts coding skills by teaching them in Scratch, Python programming languages, in partnership with the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD).

Accordingly, from 13 schools in Makthalmandal, 39 students and teachers in all were selected for coding training. Among them, some students were unaware of the basics of smartphones such as mic, mute choice, but they are now able to create animation,

video games, said trainers Mohammad Sajid and Thota Rajasekhar after undergoing two-week long coding training.

Students were able to develop important computing skills by computing, to gain an understanding of logic and sequence in the programming language. They have created animations and games on the basis of these online classes on their mobiles. (INN)

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