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Tammineni Veerabhadram
Tammineni Veerabhadram

Govt snatching land in the name of open cast mining: CPM

Mancherial: CPM state secretary Tammineni Veerabhadram on Thursday alleged that the state government was trying to snatch away the lands of the poor and the farmers in the name of establishing Open Cast (OC) mining.

Speaking at a programme as part of his Mahajana Padayatra in the district, Veerabhadram said that the state government was planning more OC mines and was troubling the poor by taking away their lands.

Despite vehement opposition the government wants to go ahead for the project, the CPM leader said.

He demanded the government to withdraw its proposal of KK2 OCP in Mandamarri and said that he had written about the same to the CM earlier also.

He also demanded the government to pay compensation according to Land Acquisition Act 2013 to project oustees.

The CPM leader said that the government has spent thousands of crores on Mission Kakatiya and said that nowhere in the state farmers were benefitted due to the scheme.

He said that the project has only benefited the contractors and not the farmers.

The CPM leader, along with party leaders, visited the Mancherial Area Hospital and interacting with patients. He also spoke to the hospital superintendent about the medical facilities being provided at the hospital. (INN)

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