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Halal India Certification Program
Halal India Certification Program

Halal India offers Internal Auditor Program in Hyderabad

Global market for Halal products is growing exponentially at 6.9 % per annum, creating more job opportunities in halal certification and auditing. Hyderabad is a fine destination to dine, where not only restaurants and hotels but also other industries prefer going halal for their customers.

Students, professionals and job seekers interested in becoming Halal Certified Internal Auditor in Food, Pharmaceutical and allied industries can benefit from the Halal Certification Program, offered by Halal India in collaboration with Smart FBO in Hyderabad.

A quick look at what is Halal, and how the Halal Industry creating opportunities:

Concept of Halal Food

Halal originates from rules framed in the Qur’an and the Hadith (the Prophet Muhammad’s example), which have been followed throughout generations of Islamic practice. As a concept, halal does not only pertain to food. Halal means “permissible” and can refer to any aspect of life (food, clothing, medicine etc.) covered by the teachings of Islam. Muslims prefer to eat Halal food because it meets requirements that they believe, make it suitable for consumption.

How to Identify Halal Foods – Halal Certification

Modern food processing and globalized markets make it hard for Muslims to know how their food was produced and where it has come from. To get around this uncertainty, consumers who want to buy halal food need a system that checks whether products meet the requirements of being halal. In this sense, halal certification is similar to other type of food certification and audit system. Halal certification body in India is Halal India, its function is to provide Halal certifications to the industries (food/ pharmaceutical/ cosmetics) looking forward to manufacturing/ processing/handling Halal compliant commodities.

Employment Opportunities in Halal Industry

The global market for Halal products is growing exponentially at 6.9 % per annum which is greater than the general food sector. Today the global Halal market is worth approximately $ 4 Trillion this gives a huge opportunity for employment.

Undergoing Halal training program is the most easiest way to grab the huge underlying opportunity arising due to severe shortage of well trained and certified Halal professionals. This program will deliver the comprehensive training which will provide the basic fundamental & practical understanding of Halal methods and will enable the participants to pose as the skilled workforce ready to contribute to the further growth of the halal food industries.

The training program will also open the gateway to dive into plethora of opportunities in the South and South East Asian countries which are known to harbor 62 % of world’s Muslim population.

Who Can Benefit from the Training Program

  • People aiming to become Halal Certified Internal Auditor in Food, Pharmaceutical and allied industries in manufacturing, processing, export etc.
  • Freshers aiming to secure prospective jobs in Food, Pharma, cosmetics and Hospitality backgrounds.
    People looking forward to explore work opportunities in South and South East Asian countries in the food sector.
  • Professionals working in the food business, who are looking forward to expand their skill set and boost career prospects and salaries.
  • People aiming to undergo advanced training course of Halal Lead Auditor.

Where to Avail Training Program:

An upcoming program providing Internal Auditor training will be organized on 12th and 13th of March, 2016 at Hyderabad by Halal India in collaboration with Smart FBO. Fees for the course is INR 10,000 + taxes.

Venue Details and Timings:

Timings: 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Location: Plot No. 7-1-210 And 211/1/A, Adjacent To Satyam Theater, Shiv Bagh Colony, Near Maitrivanam, Balkampet Rd, Ameerpet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500016

For further details, call at 9100038485 or e-mail at neha@smartfbo.net.

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