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Harithaharam: KCR plants saplings in Gajwel
Harithaharam: KCR plants saplings in Gajwel

Harithaharam: KCR plants saplings in Gajwel

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao while launching the massive one lakh plus plantation program as part of the fourth phase of Haritha Haram said that “if we protect the nature, it protects us. If nature exhibits its anger, then the existence of human beings become difficult.

That is the reason why our elders educated us on worshiping nature so that the rain god bestows his blessings on us. And hence it is of utmost importance to plant saplings and save the nature”.

The Chief Minister extensively toured the GAJWEL Constituency represented by him and participated in several plantation programs as part of Telangana Ku Haritaharam fourth phase. In addition to Gajwel constituency CM also participated at four places in Medchal district, Turkapalli and planted saplings.

He planted KADAMBAM sapling at Gajwel bus stand crossroads. CM formally launched the massive plantation aimed at planting 1,00,116 saplings simultaneously in one go at all the places, falling part of Gajwel municipality. When CM initiated launching the plantation program, there were clouds and moderate drizzle all around Gajwel area.

CM planted saplings at Turkapalli, Mulugu and Prajnapur villages in Shameerpet Mandal. On the Raji Rahadari highway roadside, he planted Akashamalli sapling.

After completion of programs in Gajwel CM stopped at Prajnapur and planted saplings in the residential premises of Nagaraj a resident of that village. The saplings included Coconut and other domestically useful saplings. CM enquired about the well being of the Nagaraj family.

In fact, it was proposed that in the Gajwel municipality 1,00,116 saplings are to be planted. However, on a saturation basis, 1,36,588 saplings were planted covering all areas within Gajwel Municipal limits. On this occasion, CM instructed the forest officials to establish a green battalion to protest the forests in the state and the greenery in the state.

If necessary and if required, said the CM, that the department may take the help of police department. CM said that each battalion should adopt one area in the forest and help in rejuvenating forest.

CM on his way to Gajwel to launch the massive plantation program dropped at Singayapalli forest belt and went inside going around for some time and observed the forest. CM complemented the forest officials on the steps taken, which he personally saw, to protect the forest there.

CM announced a reward of Rs 5 Lakhs to the forest officers as an incentive. He also said that if needed he would sanction more staff and adequate funds. CM made it very clear that in protesting and increasing the green cover in the state and also for plantation on a large scale, he would not compromise and do all that is required.

After went through the forest CM suggested to the forest officers that it would be better if a formal “forest lunch” (The Vana Bhojanalu) is organized for MLAs once. CM also elicited the views of forest officers and enquired about forest rejuvenation at Singayapalli forest block. Forest Minister Jogu Ramanna and PCCF PK Jha thanked the CM.

In every house premises, roads, on outer ring road, public and private institutions, prayer places, government offices etc saplings were planted. When CM started plating the sapling, the siren was blown and simultaneously people everywhere planted the saplings.

Saplings were collected from different nurseries which included tamarind, mango, alla Neredu, Karivepaku, munaga etc besides flowering and fruit-bearing saplings. These were planted everywhere as per the liking of the people. Gajwel town was divided into 8 clusters and each cluster headed by a special officer and planting 15,000 plus saplings in every cluster.

In both Gajwel and Prajnapur municipalities, on the whole, 75,000 fruit bearing saplings, 16,000 flower bearing saplings and 10,000 wild fruit-bearing saplings were planted. Plants useful to domestic needs and also provide pure air were also planted.

CM appealed to the people that the pants are to be protected the way they take care of their family members. In this massive plantation program of Haritha haram, 1778 employees have participated and 1300 workers are engaged in the program for various activities.

12,000 households, 45,000 population involved in this program. CM thanked all those who took part and made it a great success.

Ministers Jogu Ramanna, Harish Rao, Deputy Speaker Padma Devender Reddy, MPs Santosh Kumar, Prabhakar Reddy, Mallareddy, Whip Palla Rajeswar Reddy, MLAs, Chief Secretary SK Joshi and PCCF PK Jha and others participated.

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