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Nehru zoological park
Nehru zoological park

Heavy Rains: Zoo Park temporarily closed

Hyderabad: The Nehru Zoological Park has been closed temporarily due to heavy overflow and inflow of water from the adjoining Mir Alam Tank.

Due to heavy rains since past one week the Mir Alam tank is filled with rain water.

The water is overflowing heavily and entering from the anicut and through the pores and gaps in the anicut from the safari side and is flowing through the safari and entering the Singoji Pond and other ponds.

The road of the Nehru Zoological Park is flooded near the Safari entry gate, lion moat, bear moat and Dingy pond. This water is also seeping into the moats of animal’s enclosures.

The Nehru Zoological Park administration is making all efforts to drain out the excess flow by maintaining the water channel, drainage channels and also pumping out of water from the moats.

Keeping in view the above situation, from the point of view of the public convenience, safety of public and animals, the zoo was closed on Thursday.

The zoo management has claimed that it was keeping a constant vigil on the water flow in the zoo park to avoid any disasters.

There are several inlets from the Mir Alam tank and even outside the zoo areas which are bringing dirty water and overflow water inside the zoo which is creating unhygienic and excess water situation in the zoo premises which is not only dangerous to the animals from health and hygiene point of view but also from security aspect.

This is also creating inconvenience to the visitors.

The Zoo Management has expressed regrets for the inconvenience caused by the insistent rains and said that the zoo park will be reopened to public as soon as the water level gets reduced. (INN)

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