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Carbon Emission
Carbon Emission

Hyderabad Climate Change Summit 2015 Resolutions

Hyderabad Climate Change Summit 2015 held on December 8 in the city to understand climate change with a focus on local issues. As a result of the summit, following resolutions have been made.


Action at the global level:

    • Reduce global energy consumption by 60%. Even without phasing out fossil fuels, each of the following actions can reduce global emissions by 10%:
      • Shrink cities and re-ruralize. Cities consume 75% of global energy use. They are energy consumers and not producers. Their energy consumption per unit area is >100 times that of its hinterland.  They have the same relation with their hinterlands as imperial countries had with their colonies.
      • Phase out air travel and private land and sea transport.  Air travel contributes to 5% of global emissions. Air travel and private transport are emission-intensive and do not serve the majority of people.
      • Nuclear energy is not a substitute to Fossil fuels. It cannot be taken recourse to as clean and safe energy.
      • Move towards soft borders all over the world.  This will reduce the need for large standing armies, security forces  and weapons of all kind, including of mass destruction.
    • Keep all the remaining fossil fuels reserves underground to avoid overshooting the remaining carbon space.
    • Move towards a time-bounded global energy and emissions equity for all people. An equitable and sustainable per capita energy use is ~0.8 toe per annum, which is sufficient to live a decent middle class life, but without owning private transport. To achieve this:
  • USA and Canada must reduce their energy consumption by 90% and Europe including Russia, Autrlasia and Japan by 75%.
    • Set up a universal air emissions standard for the entire world.
  • Move towards decentralized solar, biomass and animate energy.
  • Set up quantified sustainability indices.


  1. HUM-HYDERABADI: a movement , Hyderabad, India
  2. SAVE OUR URBAN LAKES (SOUL), Hyderabad, India
  5. Chetana Society, Hyderabad
  6. Joint Action for Water, Hyderabad

View full PDF of Hyderabad Climate Change Summit 2015 here.

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