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Hyderabad graphologist achieves a global high
Hyderabad graphologist achieves a global high

Hyderabad graphologist achieves a global high

Hyderabad: The prestigious American Association of Handwriting Analysts (AAHA) Convention-2018 that concluded in Boston late Saturday night had a celebrated Telangana touch to it.

The noted Hyderabad-based Graphologist Samita Pandya, the only Indian to make it to the three-day biennial Convention (her second in succession), drew praise when she spoke about her efforts to help people to express and write in languages apart from one’s mother-tongue.

Pandya has worked extensively on ways and means to incorporate graphology and handwriting analysis not just in English but also in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Gujarati and make life of the people more meaningful.

Incidentally, in recognition of her pioneering work in the country, she achieved a professional milestone when became the first Indian to be awarded an honorary membership in AAHA, a distinction that adds to her status as a globally acclaimed graphologist.

Approximately, 30 experts drawn from across United States of America, Canada and England participated in the 2018 convention, apart from the lone Indian.

According to AAHA directives, the convention is aimed at exploring avenues from personal experiences of graphologists to connect, share and spread them to newer regions.

AAHA, since its establishment, was instrumental in having most graphology books changed from the Occult to categories of Diagnostic Graphology, Documentary Evidence, and Selection of Personnel by Management in the Dewey Decimal Classification System of the Library of Congress.

Reflecting on the latest experience, Pandya pointed out that the participants could get to learn tremendously during the sessions as various speakers dwelt deep into the ground-realities that went beyond letters, handwriting trends prevalent around the world, tree analysis and handwriting, graphology and dysgraphia. They came with viable alternatives to address the situation.

Apart from being the youngest speaker during the convention, Pandya drew praise because, unlike most others whose research and work related to English and only one other language, she cited instances of how she managed to change the lifestyle and mindset using four languages apart from English given India’s diverse cultural richness.

‘I try to understand individual characteristics and behavioral tendencies and work on rectifying them so that a sense of positivity develops among them and they can, subsequently, present a more vibrant side of themselves,’ she said during her speech to a loud applause.

Pandya has been counseling thousands of people to overcome depression over the last decade. After assessing their personality through their handwriting, she helps them identify their inner self by training them in handwriting, graphology, calligraphy cursive writing besides signature analysis.

‘The convention has been a rewarding experience for me and all those who participated. We all have built a professional rapport from where we can exchange our ideas and help shape a better future for everyone around,’ she said.

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