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Benefactor of Humanity - New Website
Benefactor of Humanity - New Website

Hyderabad Techie Gives Tribute to Prophet, Launches Website

A young engineering graduate of Osmania University, Hyderabad has come up with a new website about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to give him a tribute on his birth anniversary.

The website, BenefactorOfHumanity.com, offers information to netizens on various aspects of the noble life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Visitors to the website would find the information organised as the life of the Prophet is divided into different chapters.

Creator of the website, Abdul Malik Shariq said that the BenefactorOfHumanity provides the information about Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

“We revere the Prophet very much. As a token of my love towards the Prophet and a small tribute to him I have developed and designed this website. Hopefully, people will benefit from the information about the Prophet,” Shariq added.

“We invite people who are blessed with the art of writing and creativity to contribute to the website. They can send us articles, creative images and other stuff. We will love to publish following a review.”

The website aims to:

  • To get people acquainted with the life of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him), and to get people familiar about teachings of Islam and prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him).
  • To Obliterate the misconceptions about Islam which were spread by evil conspiracies intentionally to discredit Islam.
  • To Provide Articles on written by intellectuals on various topics and current issues.
  • Among advisers for the website are: MANUU professor Dr. Faheemuddin Ahmed, Hyderabad Youth Mirror editor S M Fasiullah, Intelli Public School correspondent Zayeemuddin Ahmed, and Lords Institute of Engineering and Technology lecturer Abdul Hameed Junaid.

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