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Curofy - A doctors networking app
Curofy - A doctors networking app

IITians develop app to connect doctors in India

When 3 engineering graduates from IIT Delhi decided to build Curofy, an exclusive platform for doctor networking, they knew they would revolutionise the ecosystem of healthcare sector. It was conceptualized as an intellectual haven for health science professional, away from the spamming of social media and marketing.

Earlier, a doctor working in remote location was confined to his/her home network for advice on cases and second opinions. But with Curofy, a physician from leading hospital can be a mentor to thousands of doctors all across the country without ever meeting them.

Geographic distances and inter personal relationship among doctors are no longer a hindrance in getting expert opinions. All that is needed is an active internet connection and the Curofy app.

Take the case of a 45 year old female with type 2 diabetes from Surat, whose symptoms kept getting worse with each passing day. Her general physician required some help, so he promptly uploaded the case on Curofy app. Soon he was guided by a diabetologist from Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh on the treatment procedure. Patient’s line of treatment was changed the same evening and within 24 hrs, results could be seen in her health.

A doctor living in Surat was helped by an experienced doctor from Kurnool. Curofy is now not only a platform for networking doctors but also an incubator which nurtures fresher doctors with experiences and opinions of experts. Freshers now get an easy platform to approach not just one but experts all over the country.

For Dr Amer Khan, a third year pg from Guntur, Andhra pradesh, Curofy has been a learning experience: “Curofy has changed my life in more than one way. Since joining Curofy I’ve met numerous like minded doctors from all over the nation and have gained a lot of knowledge and experience. Curofy has helped me become what I am today.”

Dr Krishna Mohan, an endocrinologist from Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh; who has become a teaching figure for many doctors on the app, shares his expertise and knowledge with them. From sharing the recent guidelines by WHO and Indian government to posting the unique cases he encounters in his practice, a new phase of student teacher relationship can be seen coming up on Curofy.

Dr Mohan, who is also the top contributor on the app, said, “I am a member of many international committees, including American diabetes association, but Curofy is one platform where I am straight away interacting with the real cases. Practical difficulties that a physician is facing are answered by us, that too in a systematic way.”

With the introduction of news feed, an inherent busy life of doctor is made easy when instead of going through journals and magazines for recent updates, they can just log on to Curofy and be up to date with the recent trends in medicine.

Mr Nipun Goyal, Co-Founder Curofy says, “Curofy was started to solve the seclusion of healthcare industry. We wanted to create a platform where doctors from all the aspects of medicine could come together and help each other.It is good to see that we have been successful to an extent and that senior doctors are ready to open up and share their expertise. We are determined to keep improving the user experience every day and grow to connect every doctor in the country and globally.”

Today, more than 60,000 doctors all over the country use Curofy, 5000 from Andhra Pradesh alone, to help each other solve cases, expand their knowledge and save lives.

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