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Aleppo - is a place where the children have stopped crying.
Aleppo is a place where the children have stopped crying.

Does India Stand with Aleppo?

People in war-affected Syria are in need of humanitarian aid, including food, shelter, clothing and support in times when their homes and dream have been shattered since last five years.

In recent weeks, bombardment of the Syrian city of Aleppo resulted in at least 80 casualties, which included children and women.

These killings and destruction in Aleppo, irrespective of which side did it, aroused strong reactions from people worldwide.

Many tweeted with hashtag #StandWithAleppo condemning killings and sending prayers for children. Some youngsters in Hyderabad trended #IndiaWithAleppo on Sunday.

India With Aleppo

A group of youngsters from Hyderabad, who are tech savvy and mostly work in IT Industry, trended #IndiaWithAleppo on Sunday, reaching top 14th position nationally.

When asked why they started this hashtag, group member Anas Razvi said they wanted to create mass awareness about brutalities in Aleppo so that Indian government condemns the oppression.

“We were moved by messages of people of Aleppo who urged peace loving people across the globe to raise their voice against injustice and genocide,” said Razvi.

Youngsters from Hyderabad tried to understand the situation in Aleppo and express their feelings on the same.

Another group of youngsters under ‘One Ummah’ organized a talk on ‘The Crisis in Aleppo’ in Hyderabad at MNR Banquet Hall in Tolichowki on December 18.

The event was part of the global efforts from people worldwide to stand up peacefully and call for an end to the atrocities in Syria, said Dr Ghaffar Mahkri, who is associated with One Ummah.

“The crisis in Syria is a political problem, hence it would need a political solution; a state-level solution. It is required that a responsible state must respond firstly by threatening the Syrian regime with cutting off of all ties, implementing a trade embargo, sanctions, etc,” Dr Ghaffar noted.

Stand With Aleppo

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