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Indus student to fly high
Indus student to fly high

Indus student to fly high

Hyderabad: Indus International School, Hyderabad that aims to create thoughtful leaders through holistic education has yet again added a feather in its cap.

IBDP batch 2018 student Ria Thimmaiahgari has been accepted in America’s first research university Johns Hopkins University, one of the finest avenues for research studies Rice University, the private doctorate-granting Case Western Reserve University, and Durham located Duke University.

Ria was an Indus Eagle Award winner as well as Valedictorian Awardee. She has also bagged the Subject Topper Awards. Such accolades were the result of contribution and ingenuity presented by this Indus student.

Merely a student, Ria had organized a fundraiser in Ponnagutta Thanda, a village in the State of Telangana, to help install street lights. This activity was conducted in collaboration with Baasata Foundation, an NGO dedicated to help the lesser-fortunate children get education for a bright future.

With the help that the fund raising brought in, the streets of Ponnagutta lit up and the residents could commute safely. Going a step further, Ria also contributed by generating the website content for Baasata Foundation.

The young girl had organized yet another event ‘Insignia’ to generate funds to set up a low-cost sanitary napkin project in Kondakal in Rangareddy district.

There are several other students from Indus who have secured admission in top-notch universities such as Pennsylvania State University, Boston University, University of Manchester, University of Leeds. A total of 20 students applied for scholarships, and all of them succeeded in receiving them.

The amount of scholarship that the students collectively received is $19,17,438 which when converted to Indian rupees amounts to a whooping 1,30,647,666.

Speaking on the occasion Mrs.Nuwaria Pasha, Principal, Indus International School, said, “Indus is committed to a better future for our students. As a set-up that imparts quality education to the young minds, we have always worked towards creating leaders who strive to make the world a better place to live in.

Our students are taught not just to carve a niche for themselves but also to feel for other individuals.”“To quote an example, Indus students recently undertook a project to help Kondakal Primary School, a Government School at a distance of 3 km from IndusInternational School, Hyderabad, construct rooms for the village children to be able to study in the classroom.

They also offered helped in offering benches, bulbs, switchboards, fans, etc,” Mrs Pasha added.

Speaking of the achievement, Ria Thimmaiahgari said, “Our aim was to bring about a change in the lives of those who were not privileged to have resources that they deserved for a decent living.

I am glad that we were able to offer whatever little help we did. It has been one of the most fulfilling tasks of my life so far.”

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