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Integrated township policy offers better livelihood to all, says KTR
Integrated township policy offers better livelihood to all, says KTR

Integrated township policy offers better livelihood to all, says KTR

Hyderabad: Minister of Municipal Administration and Urban Development K T Rama Rao on Wednesday said that crumbling urban infrastructure was a problem faced by all.

In pursuit of livelihoods, better health care opportunities and better education services, people will continue to migrate, continue to urbanise and sub-urbanise.

For this, we need to plan a better public transport system in larger cities and self-contained suburban townships, which is specifically provided by the Government of Telangana in the form of Integrated Township Policy,’ he said, speaking at the launch of new premises by KnightFrank, a real estate consulting company.

The government will expand the metro rail facility and also has proposals for an elevated rapid bus transport system to link the western part of Hyderabad, where heavy congestion exists, the minister said.

A strategy called GRID- Growth in Dispersion has also been put out by the State. In the areas of Uppal, LB Nagar and Nagole, we have approved five IT parks. In the northern part of Hyderabad, near Kompally, I will soon lay the foundation for another IT park.

This will allow the city to expand in dispersion,’ the minister said of taking roots in new areas in the IT section.

IT exports from Hyderabad have more than doubled from Rs 56,000 crore to Rs 128,000 crore in the last six years from 2014-2020, and numbers have also risen in terms of jobs. Six years ago, the location we are standing today was a massive hill.

But if you look around, you’ll see a lot of marquee names and beautiful houses. If you forget the fact that you are and just look around in India and Hyderabad, you might even say that this might be part of the developed world.

That’s how this place (Hyderabad) is shaping up,’ the minister said, adding that the 429-year-old town has both old-world charm and new-age vibrancy.

The town faced storm, flood and cloudburst problems and that bothered it a bit. We also announced a Strategic Stormwater Production Nala Program to prepare for potential cloud bursts and the climate of the future. This helps to ensure that the living room of the city remains where it is at the top.

The treatment of TS ‘Covid has been lauded by the government and many studies have confirmed it, he said. Apart from this, the life sciences industry is doing well in Telangana. That is one of Hyderabad’s main strengths.

“We are the bulk drugs capital and also the vaccine capital of the world. Hyderabad will play a key role in producing them whenever it comes up, any vaccine, as one-third of the human vaccines used worldwide are manufactured in Hyderabad.

The areas of focus will also be aerospace, defence, logistics, textiles and food processing, the Minister said. (INN)

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