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20th Golden Elephant ICFFI
20th Golden Elephant ICFFI

International Award-Winner Films at 20th Golden Elephant ICFFI

Hyderabad: Many international award-winner children’s films are participating this year in the 20th Golden Elephant ICFFI, slated to be held in Hyderabad from November 8 to 14 and organised by Children’s Film Society, India (CFSI) and Telangana Government.

A record number of 1402 entries, from as many as 109 countries, have been received by CFSI for this festival.

“Some of the key international award-winner children’s films, which are participating in the 20th ICFFI this year are ‘SIV Sleeps Astray’ (Sweden) in non – competitive section (CW) , ‘Pitch’ (Russia) in non – competitive section (CW), ‘Sky’ (Netherlands) in non – competitive section (CW),

Nelly’s Adventure (Germany) in non – competitive section (CW), Anthems: A Journey Around The World (Canada) in non – competitive section (CW), Wintry Spring (Egypt) is in non – competitive section (CW),” said Dr. Shravan Kumar, Festival Director, 20th ICFFI and CEO, CFSI.

‘Pitch’ is the first Russian film dedicated to inter-ethnic relations amongst the youths. It won two Golden Paladin Award for the best film and Best Direction in Sports film Festival, Palermo 2016. It also won Adult Jury Prize at Chicago International Children’s film Festival 2016.

It also won the Best Direction award at SIFFCY, New Delhi 2016 and bagged Youth Jury Main Prize ZLIN Film Festival 2016.

Another award winner Swedish film ‘SIV Sleeps Astray’ has won many awards in many international film festivals. It was an opening film in Berlinale 2016.

It was also an opening film at the Swedish Film Festival BUFF. The story is about a seven-year-old SIV who sleeps over at his friend’s home where most things seem strange.

Award winner ‘Sky”, a Dutch film, is about a nine-year-old boy Sky who has a hearing problem and the film revolves around his efforts to overcome his disability.

The film received the best Dutch Short Documentary Award in 2016. It also won the 2nd prize in Cinema Touching Disability (United States) Short Film Competition, Documentary.

It was selected for Olympia International Film Festival (Greece) and received a special mention in Kids and Docs Jury at the same festival.

‘Nelly’s Adventure’, a gripping German film, has participated in several International film festivals and won many awards. The film tells the story of a 13-year-old Nelly whose family has decided to relocate to some other country.

The child falls into the trap of Kidnappers who want his father’s project to be destroyed and desires the family to relocate elsewhere. Ultimately, the child escapes with the help of his two friends from the clutches of kidnappers.

‘Anthems: A Journey Around The World’ is a story of two young siblings who play with a globe ball. Each time one catches it he or she must randomly point out a country. The place thus pointed becomes their next destination, according to the rules of the game they have invested. The film has participated in many festivals abroad and won awards.

Egyptian film “Wintry Spring’ is about a young girl who stays with her father. She attains the age of puberty but cannot tell her father who also does not understand changes in the daughter, thereby creating tensions between them.

This film also has won awards abroad and is participating in the 20th Golden Elephant ICFFI in one of the section titles as Children’s World this year. (INN)

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