IPS Khan Advises Civil Services Aspirants to Be Pragmatic

IPS AK Khan during launch of Mukesh Sahay's book on Ecology for civil services aspirants.

Be pragmatic with knowledge acquired during the coaching, advised IPS AK Khan to civil services aspirants during a book launch event in Hyderabad on Tuesday.

“Learn, understand the subject concepts, and apply knowledge in practice,” IPS Khan urged the students of Challenger Civil Services Academy (CCSA) at the book launch event in Salar Jung Museum.

IPS Khan, while releasing the book titled ‘Ecology, Environment and the Global Responses’ written by civil services trainer Mukesh Sahay, remarked that various species have become extinct globally.

“Civil services students must be able to assess the impact of every such change at global level that affects India’s ecology, administration or politics,” he noted.

“For instance, the Artic region which was not navigable earlier is soon becoming navigable due to melting of polar ice caps. That will affect world politics”, he added.

“The most important aspect of the book is the author’s synthesis of knowledge from different sources, and its relevance to the exam,” commented IPS Khan.

He also appreciated the contextual pictorial depictions in the book citing them a rarity for books in this genre.

Ahmed Kamaal, Scientist at Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT), stressing on the need to explore ways to reduce chemical waste.

“Although 100 per cent (change from fossil to eco-friendly fuels) cannot be achieved overnight, we can find ways to combine usage of regular fuels with green fuel to reduce negative impact on environment,” he remarked.

Talking about his book, Mukesh Sahay said, “This book presents not only presents great detail for civil services aspirants but also presents a layman’s guide to matters concerning ecology.”

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