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Iran President stresses on unity among Muslims
Iran President stresses on unity among Muslims

Iran President stresses on unity among Muslims

Hyderabad: President of Iran Dr. Hassan Rouhani stressed on unity among various sects among Muslims.

Delivering a speech from the historic Mecca Masjid after Friday prayers, Dr. Rouhani said that Sunnis, Shia and other sects among Muslims should tolerate each other and respect all Muslims irrespective of the sect to which one belongs.

Referring to Juma congregational prayers, Dr. Rouhani said, “We offer Juma prayers every week together. This prayer is symbolic of Muslims unity. If one causes disunity and discord among Muslims, he is far from Muslims and Islam.”

Dr. Rouhani said Islam stands for peace and hence, we Muslims should become source of peace. “God says in the Quran: “We have not sent you, O Mohammad, but as peace and blessing for mankind”. We are the followers of Prophet Mohammad, we should also be blessing for the World and mankind,” he said.

“If the Muslims had been united, the USA could not have announced Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,” he said.

Speaking about Indo-Iran relations, Dr. Rouhani said that both the countries had cultural, economic and other relations with each other since the last many centuries.

“We also believe that the greatest wealth which we have is peace and tranquility in the region and the world. We want to see peace and tranquility everywhere in the world, in Asia, Europe, Africa.

Though people of India or majority of them have a different religion and faith from our faith and religion, but they are our friends and brothers as human beings,” he said.

He said that what we need today in the world is peace, spirituality and a spirit of humanity. “Some people alleged that, Islam is a religion of violence and terrorism. But they are wrong in their assessment of Islam. But on the contrary violence is there in the Western societies. We see people killing other people in American colleges and schools,” he said.

Dr. Rouhani further said, “Muslims greatest asset is their character and good manners. Prophet Mohammed said don’t judge person by the prayers he offers but see how much honest he is and how much trust worthy he is”.

“Iran has gas and petroleum resources, we want to share these resources with India and its people. Our port Chahbahar is at India’s disposal as we want to co-operate with India for economic development in the region and in the world,” he announced.

The Iranian President said that his country wants to make our future bright with Prophet Mohammed’s teachings and in the light of his life and message. At the end of his address, Dr. Hassan Rouhani said ‘Iran Zindabad’ and ‘India Zindabad’.

Thousands of people flocked to Macca Masjid to listen to Iranian President;s address with great warmth.

Deputy Chief Minister Mohammed Mahmood Ali, Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi, MLA Ahmed Pasha Quadri, Wakf Board chairman and MLC Mohd Saleem, Minorities Commission chairman M. Qamaruddin and other eminent personalities also attended Dr. Rouhani’s address after Friday prayers.

Elaborate arrangements befitting the President of Iran were made in the Macca Masjid and surrounding areas. (INN)

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