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Muslim scholars condemn ISIS in a seminar in Hyderabad
Muslim scholars condemn ISIS in a seminar in Hyderabad

ISIS is un-Islamic and against humanity, says Indian Muslim scholars

Deeds and actions of the so called Islamic State (ISIS or Daesh) are “absolutely un-Islamic and against humanity,” proclaimed a group of Muslims scholars from India in a seminar in Hyderabad.

Attended by over 300 intellectuals from across the country and abroad, the 3-day international seminar on “Life and Ways of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)” passed an eight points resolution.

Scholars on Tuesday declared in the seminar that the terrorist outfits like the ISIS are “not even remotely associated with the idea of Islam.”

Primarily, the objectives of the seminar were to create awareness among Muslims about the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and significance of inter-faith cordial relations in the light of Islam.

Hyderabad’s Al Mahadul Aali Al Islami (AMAAI) organized the seminar, which started on February 21. The concluding session was organized at a star hotel in the city on February 23.

AMAAI Rector and noted Islamic scholar Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani stressed on respecting religious leaders regardless of their faith.

Another scholar Maulana Khaleelur Rahman Sajjad Noumani urged people to refrain from extremism and unjust use of power. He said Islam does not permit any group or person to take law into its hands.

A statement from the resolution read: “Islam teaches the Muslims to respect and protect the life, wealth, assets and dignity of people irrespective of their beliefs.”

In addition, the scholars have called on United Nations for a global law to curb frequent disrespect and insult shown to Islam and other religions.

Director General of Police Anurag Sharma, Director General of Anti-Corruption Bureau A K Khan were among a notable persons who attended the concluding session of the seminar.

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