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iSprout is Expanding its Services across the booming South Indian sister states
iSprout is Expanding its Services across the booming South Indian sister states

iSprout is Expanding its Services across the booming South Indian sister states

Hyderabad: iSprout, promoted by experienced professionals and business leaders has been providing inspiring work spaces. It is expanding at a rapid pace becoming the biggest co-working space in Hyderabad, Telangana.

With a total of 2200 seating capacity and branches in Kondapur, Hi-tech city and also in Vijayawada near the country’s youngest state capital Amaravati, iSprout occupies place in the top co-working spaces of the industry in the recent times. It aims at opening branches in Chennai, Delhi, Visakhapatnam and various other cities of the country.

It is commencing its services in Vijayawada near the country’s youngest state capital, Amaravati.

The organization thrived in Hyderabad providing an exclusive spectrum of offerings. iSprout’s idea was simple for organizations to walk-in with an idea and find a space to home their success and solutions to run the organization.

With start up’s booming across all major metropolitan and cosmopolitan cities of the country, the company’s offering has turned out to be a boon.

Many start-ups find it difficult to find a space close to the vicinity of ideologically empowered regions, and iSprout does this and it is not just a “Space as a Service” but much beyond that; It goes to the length of offering more than just workspace, providing them with virtual office services,

business start-up services, accounting, payroll and consultation to alleviate the organizations from the challenges of handling administrative and other managerial challenges.

This has allowed their clients to turn their complete focus towards the development of their ideas. Their services are planned to help companies of varying sizes and multiple modules of operation.

iSprout’s new facility is set to be inaugurated by Shri Jayesh Ranjan (IT Secretary, Govt. of Telangana) on the 17th of July. With a capacity of 1800 seats spread over 100,000 square feet, iSprout will be the provider of 20% of IT corridor’s co-working space in Hyderabad which is huge leap of success for this homegrown company.

“In the ever-evolving and constantly reshaping technological environment, it is required that organizations move quick and focused towards their ideas. But they are often hindered by operational bottlenecks.

iSprout is here to empower them providing co-workspace and related services that helps them bypass these issues and reach for their ultimate goals. Our success in Hyderabad is standing testimonial to this fact. There is growing need for our services across various regions in India.

Amaravati, growing in sectors of IT and non-IT services will be one of the leading seekers. So, we are commencing our expansion with a new office in Vijayawada location. We have similar plans to iterate this success story even in Chennai, Vizag and other locations in future, on the go,” commented Mrs.Sundari Patibandla, CEO, iSprout.

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