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KCR assures all support for Anganwadi workers
KCR assures all support for Anganwadi workers

KCR assures all support for Anganwadi workers

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao has assured that the government would stand by Anganwadi workers who are working relentlessly for the protection of pregnant women, lactating mothers and infants.

In this context, the Chief Minister said that the government had already taken several programmes for the women in both rural and urban areas in the state and some more programmes will be taken up in future.

For the successful implementation of all these programme Anganwadi teachers have to play a major role, the CM said.

The Chief Minister held a meeting with the Anganwadi workers, helpers here on Monday at Janahita. He gave a patient hearing to the issues raised by the Anganwadi workers and helpers and gave an instant solution to some of their grievances. He hosted a lunch with them in Pragathi Bhavan and held an exclusive meeting.

Each and every Anganwadi worker individually interacted with the Chief Minister and he took some decisions on the spot.

The major decisions taken by the Chief Minister include elevation of Anganwadi workers to that of Anganwadi teachers.

At the time when the Telangana State was formed the salary of Anganwadi teacher was Rs 4,200 per month. The CM had enhanced the salary to Rs 7,000 per month when he had a meeting with Anganwadi teachers on Feb 28, 2015 in Secretariat. Now the salary is hiked to Rs 10,500 per month.

This will mean that each Anganwadi teacher’s salary per month is increased by Rs 3,500 per month which 50 per cent hike. If the hike is calculated from the Telangana State was formed it is 150 per cent.

When the Telangana State was formed the salary of each Anganwadi workers working at the Mini Anganwadi and helpers was Rs 2,200 per month.

It was increased to Rs 4,500 per month when they had their first meeting with the CM. Now it is increased to Rs 6,000 per month which is Rs 1500 hike per month (33.3 per cent). If the hike is calculated from the Telangana state formation it is 172 per cent.

The decision to hike salaries of the Anganwadi Teachers, helpers will benefit 67,411 employees working in 35,700 Anganwadi Centres. Taking in account the seniority, qualifications, Anganwadi teachers will be promoted as Supervisors.

Insurance scheme will be extended to Anganwadi teachers and helpers. Priority will be given to the Anganwadi workers while allotting double bed room houses.

Fine rice will be supplied to the Anganwadi centres to cook rice for the Pregnant, lactating mothers and the infants. Fine rice will be supplied from the coming month.

During the month of May it may be difficult for the pregnant women, lactating mothers and children to come to the Centres, hence food will be supplied to their homes.

“In Telangana State top most priority will be given to the welfare of mother and child. We will ensure their good health. We have decided to give Rs 12,000 in three installments to those women who deliver their babies in the government hospitals.

If the newborn is a female child an additional amount of Rs 1,000 is given. This scheme will start from April 1,” the Chief Minister said.

For the just born babies, a special Rs 2,000 worth Kit having all the necessary items that require for a new born is given to each mother. And people desired that the Kit should be named as KCR Kit. Since the government has decided to compensate the daily wages for pregnant and lactating women, we are introducing the scheme.

“Women should take advantage of this scheme and pregnant women should be careful. Get the delivery done in the hospital only. Take nutritious food and the government scheme is meant for this. Anganwadi teachers should make this programme successful,” he said.

Minister Tummala Nageswara Rao, Women and Child welfare Secretary Jagdeesh, Director Indira, CMs Addl Principal Secretary Shanthi Kumari, Secretary Smita Sabharwal, Anganwadi teachers from different parts of the State participated. (INN)

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