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K. Chandrashekhar Rao
K. Chandrashekhar Rao

KCR calls for overall development of Padmashali Community

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao said, that, a multi-pronged strategy is essential for the overall development of Padmashali Community, who are living on weaving profession, and towards this both the government and padmashali’s welfare association should work together hand in hand.

The CM also said, that, the Government has already been providing necessary encouragement and incentive to those who continue to work in the weaving profession, besides showing alternate employment opportunities to those who left the profession.

He said, that, with the change of time certain social changes take place and as such it is necessary to move with realities. The CM said, that, the Government is prepared to spend any amount for the welfare of padmashalis and in turn they should make optimum utilization of these funds and find lasting solutions of the issues.

CM announced allotment of two and half acre’s land and Rs. 5 crore money for the construction of Padmashali Bhavan in Hyderabad city. CM suggested that the community should organize and create padmashali welfare fund for which as a first donation the TRS party’s contribution would be Rs.50 lakhs.

CM gave a call to the leaders of the community to donate liberally to the welfare fund. Chief Minister had a meeting with representatives of Padmashali community who came to Praghathi Bhavan led by MLA sangareddyChinta Prabhakar. CM had a detailed discussion on the issues, problems faced by the community and the ways and means to counter them.

“There was a time when the weaving profession was highly respected and honoured. Those who are practicing the weaving profession were also respected well. But the days have changed. The handloom weavers are now not in a position to provide clothes for all the 130 crore people of India.

The power looms and the cloth mills have come into existence. Competition by the handloom weavers with them is in a way an impossible task. This resulted in loosing employment by several handloom weavers. Unable to take up any alternate job they are facing financial problems.

With the debt trap they are resorting to suicides. During the erstwhile rule the governments did not respond properly on the suicides of handloom weavers. Neither they have shown any solution to the problems.

During the separate Telangana movement, I created a welfare fund with Rs. 50 lakhs corpus from party funds to save the handloom weavers. When the then Government did not come forward to rescue the handloom weavers of Pochampally who committed suicide, TRS party by way of collecting donations helped them.

At that time, we felt the handloom weavers could be helped once Telangana state is formed. Now that Telangana state has come into existence the Government is initiating and implementing several measures to help handloom and powerloomweavers” said the Chief Minister.

“The Government is buying the clothes from handloom and powerloom weavers. Sarees and other clothes were distributed during Bathukamma, Ramzan and Christmas festivals were procured from the handloom and powerloom weavers resulting in doing a way with their marketing problems. Power looms are modernized with 100% subcidy from the Government.

Wool and chemicals are provided on 50% subsidy. All these have given certain amount of relief to weavers. Power loom weavers are getting Rs. 15,000 to Rs 20,000 income per month which again gives relief to them some extent. These are however not permanent solutions.

Those who are still continuing in the weaving profession are benefitted to some extent due to the efforts of the Government. Those who have left the profession still require a helping hand” said the Chief Minister.

“Leaders of the Padmashali Association and others should play key role. They should collect data on how many are still dependent on the profession, what can be done for them etc. The artistic handloom weaving is still in vogue in Pochampally, Gadwal, Narayanpet and other centres.

There is adequate marketing also for these products. What sort of encouragement they should be given? What sort of alternates could be provided to those who left profession? What Government can do? On these issues data to be collected by padmashali community leaders.

You should be able to decide about your requirement. Government is prepared to release funds. By making use of these funds you should be able to find out a permanent solution to the problems” told the CM to the representatives of the handloom weaving community.

Women finance cooperative society president Gundu Sudha Rani, Telangana Padmashali Sangam President GoshakaYadagiri, Working President MadyamBabu Rao, General secretary GaddamVenkateshwarlu, Treasurer AnkamVenkateshwarlu, APCO former chairman Mandala Sri Ramulu, Warangal former ZP chairman SambariSamma Rao, NRI representative Samala Pradeep, Society members JallaMarkandeya, Gundu Prabhakar, ChagallaNarendranath and others participated.

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