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Dr Sravan Dasoju
Dr Sravan Dasoju

KCR has hidden political agenda behind Telugu Mahasabha: Congress

Hyderabad: Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) Chief Spokesperson Dr. Dasoju Sravan on Wednesday alleged that the World Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao has a hidden political agenda behind organising the World Telugu Conference.

Sravan, in a media statement, alleged that the proposed World Telugu Conference was neither aimed at highlighting the glory of Telugu language nor it would lead to any kind of promotion. “The event is being organised only to highlight KCR as an ardent lover of Telugu language.

By donig so, the Chief Minister wants to capture the traditional vote bank of Telugu Desam Party who once supported late N.T. Rama Rao on the slogan of Telugu pride. Since TDP has lost its political relevance in Telangana, TRS wants to project itself as its alternate,” he said.

“TRS cheated people in 2014 elections on Telangana sentiments. In 2019, he wants to lure and cheat people on Telugu sentiments. If KCR really loved Telugu language, then he would have organised the Telugu Conference in 2014 itself. Therefore, the coming Telugu Mahasabha is nothing but an pre-election event being organised by TRS using public money,” Sravan said.

He said right from constitution of Organising Committee to the finalisation of conference schedule, it was either KCR or TRS leader who played the major role.

“If World Telugu Conference is genuinely a cultural and literary event, then it would have been organised by a body like Telugu University or Telugu Academy while the government would have confined itself to the role of a facilitator,” he said. He strongly condemned the TRS Government for misusing the name of Telugu language for political gain.

The Congress leader also slammed the TRS Government for not inviting the famous poets, writers and literary personalities of Telangana. Further, he said the elected representatives of opposition parties too were completely avoided. “Is it not ridiculous that a “World Conference” will not be having the participation of local representatives.

If KCR did not had any ill-intentions, then he would held an all-party meeting to elicit views of opposition parties on organising the conference. However, he not only neglected the opposition parties, but also ignored the local poets and literary personalities who does not sing praises for him,” he said.

Sravan demanded that the State Government invite and honour Telangana’s poets including Gadar, Vimalakka, Ande Sri and others. He said “Jaya Jaya Hey Telangana Janani Jayakethanam” should be declared as official song and Ande Sri should honoured at the event.

He said all poets and writers, who played an active role in Telangana statehood movement, should also be honoured. Stating that the Congress party would not tolerate any kind of insult to Telangana’s poets and writers, he warned of mass agitation if TRS Government uses the occasion for political purpose. (INN)

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