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KCR will meet Hillary’s fate: Jana Reddy

Hyderabad: Congress Legislature Party leader K Jana Reddy on Wednesday alleged that the KCR government was pursuing anti-peoples policies and was creating a hype through bogus surveys that it was working for the welfare of the people and was No. 1 in terms of governance.

Speaking to the media persons in Nalgonda, Jana Reddy said that the TRS government was indulging in massive publicity and was claiming to be popular government.

He warned that KCR would meet the fate of US Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton who lost to Donald Trump despite large scale publicity and media projecting here victory.

KCR will lose in 2019 elections like Hillary lost in US presidential elections, he remarked.

He demanded the TRS government to fulfill poll promises like fee reimbursement and farm loan waivers immediately and warned of intensifying the protest if the government fails to implement its poll promises. (INN)

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