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Dr. Dasoju Sravan
Dr. Dasoju Sravan | Credit: eeroju.in

KTR lost mental balance after Rahul’s visit: Congress

Hyderabad: TPCC General Secretary Dr Sravan Dasoju has strongly condemned IT Minister K. Tarakarama Rao for criticising AICC Vice-President Rahul Gandhi.

“KTR Should know that truth is always bitter and what Rahul said is a Truth that is endorsed by entire Telangana Population. KTR has lost his mental balance after yesterday’s meeting of Rahul Gandhi.

The decline of TRS has begun yesterday and hence making unwanted remarks against Rahul Gandhi,” Sravan said while addressing a press conference at Gandhi Bhavan on Friday.

Sravan said KTR remarks against Rahul Gandhi reflects his arrogance and said that the entire world knows that both KCR and KTR have made Rest of the cabinet ministers puppets and mere rubber stamps.

“Entire Governance is run in one House called Pragathi Bhavan, wherein both father and son together take decisions of all other cabinet ministers, which is an open secret across Telangana.

Both KCR and KTR have contaminated entire governance with their thousands of crores of rupees corruption. KCR has become King of Corruption and KTR has become King of Treachery,” he alleged.

The Congress leader suggested that KTR should come to the terms of grass root reality and understand the sufferings of farmers, students, unemployed youth and poor of Telangana.

“It is because TRS Govt failed to stand by the deprived sections, Rahul Gandhi had to come down to become the voice of voiceless in Telangana. Is that a sin committed by Rahul Gandhi to stand by poor?” Dr Sravan questioned KTR.

“There is no comparison between corrupt and tyrannical KCR family and service-oriented Sonia Gandhi,” he said.

Sravan challenged KTR for an open public debate on prevailing family rule and their corruption in Telangana. Instead of responding to vital questions related to farmers, unemployed youth raised by Rahul Gandhi, KTR is raking up insignificant issues,

he said adding that KTR’s knee jerk reaction to Rahul’s comment on Dynasty Rule shows that he is guilty of it.

He alleged that Both KCR and KTR have forgotten that they are sitting on a throne that was built based on the thousands of youth sacrifices.

The TPCC General Secretary urged that KTR should mend his arrogant and cheap political tactics and learn to behave with little maturity or else he cautioned that he should be prepared to face the wrath. (INN)

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