Let’s Debate Demonetization


Effects of demonetization are far from fading. People at large are suffering every day. This prime ministerial decision apparently created chaos in the country than easing lives of countrymen.

How far demonetization has affected lives of the citizens? Has demonetization done any good to common man? How long it will take economic life to become normal?

These are a few of the questions that may be addressed in a debate scheduled to commence at Lamakaan from 1pm on December 25.

The event “Demonetization: Whose Gain from Whose Pain” is being hosted by ‘In Defence of Reason’, a collective of youngsters based in Hyderabad.

The collective aims to promote critical thinking on a variety of socio-economic and political problems faced by common man, including the ongoing #DeMonetisation issue.

For further details, readers may visit Facebook page of ‘In Defence of Reason’.

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