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Prof Kancha Ilaiah at MANUU, Hyderabad
Prof Kancha Ilaiah at MANUU, Hyderabad

Modi ‘megalomaniac’, Democracy ‘dangerous’: Prof Kancha Ilaiah

Prof. Kancha Ilaiah termed Prime Minister Narendra Modi a ‘megalomaniac’ and ‘backward class Baniya’ in a talk held today at Maulana Azad National Urdu University in Hyderabad.

Taking a jibe at ‘surgical strike’ on black money, the controversial writer said that Modi told his party to settle black money, and then declared two notes invalid in late evening.

Speaking on the topic ‘Victory of Trump: Implications for the World’, Prof. Ilaiah said the Constitution of the United States recognizes religion as it allows swearing in the name of God, but Church doesn’t allow discussing politics.

Trump reached out to Church and asked them to discuss politics, which helped him in winning the Presidential elections, the eminent political science professor remarked.

He also recalled the ancient Greek theory of six political systems, and noted that democracy is ‘dangerous’ and a ‘least preferable’ form of government in the talk organized by Manuu Students Union.

Referring to United States President-elect Donald Trump and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Prof. Ilaiah said if democracy elected such leaders, they can even finish the country as it was nuclear weapons period.

However, he stressed that by opposing democracy, dictatorship or family rule cannot be supported. Further, reiterated the need to raise voice for equality.

Watch Prof Kancha Ilaiah speaking on Democracy, Trump, Modi:

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