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Myopic patient reaches 14000ft in Hamalayas post surgery
Myopic patient reaches 14000ft in Hamalayas post surgery

Myopic patient reaches 14000ft in Hamalayas post surgery

Hyderabad: Hyderabad-based MaxiVision super specialty eye hospitals takes pride to announce the details of a myopic patient who has been treated successfully at the hospital and full filled her life ambition to reach out Himalayan range altitude of 14,000ft post ICL surgery

India’s one of the renowned eye surgeons Dr.Kasu Prasad Reddy of MaxiVision super specialty eye hospitals, Hyderabad made the adventure of the mountaineer triumphant with his expertise eye care guidance.

Speaking on the occasion Dr.Kasu Prasad Reddy – Founder & Mentor of MaxiVision super specialty eye hospitals, Hyderabad said, good eye sight is very important for mountaineers as it is a herculean task to go on trekking higher ranges and wearing contact lenses in the escapade is still a hindrance.

The climbing isn’t easy to any mountaineer while moving through elevated mountains as the weather can change any time which can’t be predicted or anticipated and impaired vision, or vision with external aids, practically deters the trekking of mountaineers.

Jyothi Peddibhotla 38 years – a myopic patient turned mountaineer approached Maxivision with a life ambition to climb Himalayan range up to 14,000ft.She is myopic for 20 years and wears contact lenses. With bad weather and huge down pour on steep mountains contact lenses can be a barrier and intricate. ICL was the only solution to overcome vision problems in trekking.

We successfully carried out ICL (Implantable Contact Lenses) surgery like permanent contact lens and paved way for her adventure. We gave enough guidance on eye care / vision related queries post surgery before her adventure to Himalayan Range. Finally ICL has successfully reached her 14,000ft altitude of Himalayan range.

Adding further Jyothi Peddibhotla, who was excited to expound her adventure, said I have used contact lens for about 20 yrs as I am a myopic. Although advantageous over spectacles, contact lenses are still an impediment, when wore for long hours. I used to feel fatigue too with contact lenses during my pre ICL surgery.

I was free from wearing spectacles post ICL surgery that would hinder my trekking in mountains or during heavy down pour. At the altitude of 14000ft from the sea level, oxygen levels decrease and regular breathing is arduous task, making contact lenses impractical and unusable.

As part of the trek we had to cross streams walking through and sometimes walking on logs laid across. The trek becomes incomplete, if we do not take a swim in those lakes with pristine waters and my ICL is of great help during swimming.

The proximity to the nature away from the mundane world is awesome and beyond words. I was thrilled when the destination has been reached successfully which was challenging and gratifying too. I had a memorable lifetime experience.

It was all possible because of corrected eyesight, courtesy Dr.Kasu Prasad Reddy of MaxiVision super specialty eye hospitals, Hyderabad. It was an adventurous trek with no awards and rewards expected. Such expeditions motivate an individual, build up confidence and go-get it attitude, She said.

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