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Nearly 90% of Indians sleep inadequately: Experts
Nearly 90% of Indians sleep inadequately: Experts

Nearly 90% of Indians sleep inadequately: Experts

Hyderabad: The whole world is geared up to observe World Yoga Day ‪on June 21. On its part, to mark the occasion and celebrate the same, FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO), Hyderabad Chapter organized a Session on Holistic Wellbeing here in the city today at Hotel Park Hyatt.

It has roped in two experts Dr. Chandan and Roma Singh from Award Winning Spa–Ananda in the Himalayas, a beautiful paradise on earth for mind, body, and soul. The two experts addressed 200 plus gathering on Holistic Wellbeing.

Addressing the press conference prior to the session Dr. Chandan said, “Sleeping is turning to be global epidemic”. People across the globe are taking sleeping for granted and are not sleeping sufficiently well for the prescribed 6 to 8 hours a day. By sacrificing the sleep, they are changing the biological clock, he informed.

Reset, relax, rejuvenate and detox allows time to heal. So resting sufficiently is important and very critical. Sahara, Vihara, Sleep, and Brahmacharya must be practiced in appropriate doses. Don’t overuse, misuse.

When the mind is at ease, brain waves relax and get it rejuvenated informed Dr. Chandan.

Mahesh Natarajan said Ananda Spa is a unique destination for wellbeing. There are enough indicators to suggest that the time has come us to go back to our roots. Our ancient medical systems gave the solution to all our modern-day problems. Modern medicine has limitations. That is where our ancient systems set in, he added

Speaking further Mahesh said by the year 2020, over a billion population will be over the age of 60 years. Nearly two-thirds of this population live in developing countries like India. It is going to be a major healthcare challenge. They must age well and age naturally.

Ayurveda which is holistic science has the answer to these problems. Bring back traditional sciences into the fast-paced lifestyle of stress, sleeplessness, improper diet, he said.

“Everybody is in hurry. Everybody wants to do everything fast. Did you ever hear somebody saying do it slowly, take it easy? Never. We are sowing seeds into our next generation as well. Do anything you like. If you do anything against your wish it adds stress,” Dr. Chandan informed.

“Eat for needs and not for greed. Nutritional balance is required. Eat to the three fourth of your appetite. Not fill it or overeat. Have good eight hours sleep. It is a must to test the internal system. Exercise in the morning to the half of your energy. Get into sleep cycle,” Dr. Chandan informed.

Two million spa professionals are required across the globe. There is a dearth of holistic medical professionals. The government must make adequate arrangements for alternative therapy education. The government must improve holistic well-being infrastructure. More vocational training is required informed Mr. Mahesh.

Set in a 100-acre, Himalayan mountain estate, Ananda is considered one of the best spas in the world.

Ananda is frequented by many famous personalities such as Oprah Winfrey, Bill and Melinda Gates, Deepak Chopra, Ricky Martin, Macklemore, Charles, Prince of Wales, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and others.

The Ananda spa institute has an office in Hyderabad. This educational institution is the only one of its kind in the world that provides yoga, Ayurveda and international therapies under one roof.

Dr. Chandan MC, Senior Ayurvedic Physician, Ananda in the Himalayas spoke on “How to use Ayurvedic Principles in daily life”. Another expert speaker Roma Singh, a Traditional Reiki Grandmaster and Teacher, Clinical Hypnotherapist delved into “Healing & Self-Empowerment, using Hypnotherapy and Reiki”.

The Chairperson Priyanka Ganeriwal informed that they would distribute 1000 Happiness Hygiene Kits, underprivileged girls. 150 of these kits will be distributed this month.

“We have scheduled this program keeping in mind our theme for the year ‘Infinite Possibilities’. We as the team at FLO, Priyanka said would like to leave an indelible mark on every member by bringing never heard before speakers who justify this year’s theme,” she added. (INN)

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